Tom Holland Making A Pokemon Movie?

Tom Holland could be jumping into the world of Pokemon.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Tom Holland might just end up starring in every single Hollywood movie when it’s all said and done. The guy is literally everywhere these days, starring in a major comic book franchise, about to kick off a sci-fi series adaptation, possibly heading for awards season in another film. He’s just kind of crushing it. And now there are rumors he might be coming to another major brand name feature. There’s speculation Tom Holland could be heading to the wonderful world of Pokemon

This latest Tom Holland rumor would have him playing the Blue Oak character in a Pokemon Detective Pikachu spin-off. Blue Oak is something of an antagonist in the Pokemon world, described as brash, arrogant, and cocky. This rumor, if true, would come in stark contrast to other characters Holland has played in the past. Peter Parker is shy and deferential (when out of costume), kind almost to a fault. Holland playing Blue Oak in a Pokemon movie would mean going a more sneery, cocksure route. No doubt the actor could handle it, but it would definitely mean a different look. 

Pokemon Detective Pikachu was a massive box office hit, raking in more than $433 million at the box office on a $150 million budget. But talks of a sequel have stalled a bit of late. This latest rumor involving a Blue Oak movie starring Tom Holland would represent more of a tangential film than a direct sequel. It’s unclear if any characters would be brought back or if this would be an entirely different entity, existing in the same universe in name only. 

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Whether Tom Holland hits the screen in a Pokemon film is, of course, still up in the air. But there are plenty of chances to catch this guy on the big screen in the near future. In January, he’ll star in Chaos Walking alongside Daisy Ridley. Based on the young adult series of the same name, Holland plays Todd Hewitt who lives in a dystopian world where a mysterious noise has infected the brains of all men. It’s a much-anticipated film from acclaimed director Doug Liman. 

And of course, who can forget Tom Holland jumping back into the webslinger suit in Spider-Man 3. This movie is gearing up to be a massive event with a crazy cast already revealed for what could be the biggest crossover, continuity-bending flick ever. So many characters from different parts of the franchises are returning in an unbelievably ambitious sequel. It will include villains from the first two iterations franchise and could even include Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as well. 

Finally, Tom Holland could be headed for awards season with Cherry from the Russo brothers (Joe and Anthony) who handled Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War among others in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the movie, Holland takes a different turn, this time as an opioid addict who takes to a life of crime to pay for the drugs. 

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In all, Tom Holland jumping into the Pokemon franchise would just continue his meteoric career ascent that’s been on the rise over the last five years or so. The real jump-off point was his appearance in Captain America: Civil War and was clear he was made for a big star turn. The franchise talk is only ramping up for the young actor