Tom Hardy’s Venom 3 Is The Last Dance, Franchise Canceled?

By Britta DeVore | Published


With sets around Hollywood and elsewhere now a-buzz with the sounds of camera crews, actors, and production teams, it’s a mark that the historic double writers’ and actors’ strikes have come to a close.

One of those projects getting things back on track is the Tom Hardy-led Venom 3 – one of the most highly-anticipated projects to come from Sony and Marvel.

Leaving The Franchise

In a recent Instagram post, celebrating the hard work that he and the rest of the folks behind the third film have been putting in, Hardy referred to Venom 3 as “The Last dance,” leaving many to believe that this could be the actor’s last time as the symbiote. 

In Tom Hardy’s social media share (as per Yahoo! Entertainment), the actor used most of his caption to give a tremendous shoutout to the folks keeping the franchise alive.

Tom Hardy Has Loved Venom

Venom 3

From his first step into the character in 2018’s Venom to the ongoing production of Venom 3, Hardy had nothing but kind words for those who have stood by “on the ride.”

Although making movies is a tough gig no matter what side of the project you’re on, Hardy adds that “When you love what you do and when you know you have great material” the entire thing feels like a breeze.

Tom Hardy And Kelly Marcel

venom 3 tom hardy

Specifically naming those closest to the current production, Tom Hardy goes on to say that he’s “proud” of his close friend, Kelly Marcel, who serves the team of Venom 3 as its director.

Marcel and Hardy also put their heads together to pen the film that will become Marcel’s feature-length filmmaking debut. He also gives a big hand to his stuntman, Jacob Tomuri who has worked alongside Tom Hardy for several years in other titles including Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant, and the Venom franchise.

Is This The End?

spider-man 4 villain

While we’re over the moon that Tom Hardy and the rest of the team behind Venom 3 are safely back on set preparing to bring us another smash-hit from our favorite human and alien comedy duo, there’s one line in his post that concerns us. Of course, it’s the opening bit that mentions “The Last dance.”

Most films that come from the comic book pages of Marvel are given a full trilogy, meaning that Tom Hardy could be pointing to Venom 3 as the last time we see him in (at least a standalone feature) as Eddie Brock.

Release Dates Changing

Tom Hardy

However, there’s always a chance that Venom will go on for more body-hopping adventures as the studio is attempting to do something similar for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

And, even outside another solo movie, there’s no doubt that audiences have been waiting to see Eddie and Venom materialize in some universe within the already-established MCU.

But, we’ll pull in the reins a bit on all of this speculation and just be happy that Tom Hardy and the rest of the folks in charge of making the film are back to work.

Like many other productions trying to get up and running during this time, Venom 3 faced some changes, with its release date scooting back to November 8, 2024. 

Back In Venom 3

Tom Hardy Venom 3

While no plot details have been revealed, we know that Tom Hardy will reprise his role in Venom 3 as Eddie Brock, a man whose life was flipped upside down after an extraterrestrial symbiote known as Venom attached itself to him.

The previous two features have seen Eddie and Venom try to live peacefully alongside one another while destroying the forces of evil and tossing in a good buddy dynamic to your run-of-the-mill superhero flick.