Tom Cruise Had Some Harsh Words For Emily Blunt

By Jessica Scott | Published

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According to MovieWeb, Tom Cruise gave Emily Blunt some advice that was, well, blunt, to say the least. When the actress couldn’t stop crying about the weight of the extremely heavy suit she had to wear for Edge of Tomorrow, the 60-year old actor told her to “stop being such a pussy.”

This statement might seem like enough to make the cancel culture squad get out their pitchforks, but luckily Tom Cruise didn’t hurt Emily Blunt’s feelings with his harsh words. Instead, he gave her a good laugh. In the end, that advice was enough to get her up and running again, and enough to keep her going throughout the filming of the movie.

While Edge of Tomorrow may have been a hit among fans, the filming of it was quite grueling for everyone involved. Tom Cruise was there when Emily Blunt put on her heavy, bulky metal suit for the first time, which made her immediately burst into tears.The suit was too heavy, she felt, and it made her doubt her ability to act in the film.

She wished that filmmakers would have used CGI to create the high-tech outfits, but they had instead wanted something more “tactile” that would appear more realistic on the screen. Both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt had to wear the suits, though the latter felt a bit more upset about it at the beginning.

Tom Cruise Emily Blunt
Edge of Tomorrow

Panicking, Blunt couldn’t see how she could possibly film an entire movie in that giant mechanical getup. As embarrassed as she felt, she started crying in front of Tom Cruise, who was sympathetic at first. “I know. I know. I know,” he said, as she lamented the terrible costume.

But when empathy didn’t work, Tom Cruise had to resort to some tough love instead. “Come on. Stop being such a pussy, okay?” he told her. Luckily, he was joking, and that was just what Emily Blunt needed to get her laughing – and working.

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt both received many accolades and much critical and audience acclaim for their roles in Edge of Tomorrow. The science fiction film tells the story of a soldier who must fight aliens while reliving the same day over and over and over again. Every time he dies, the day restarts, and he must do it all again.

Each time he comes back to life, though, he gets better and stronger and is a more even match for the enemy. Tom Cruise’s character Major William Cage does all this alongside Emily Blunt’s Rita Vrataski of the Special Forces, a tough woman who is a far cry from the vulgar word Cruise called Blunt before shooting started.

In the end, Tom Cruise’s mean but surprisingly effective advice was just what Emily Blunt needed to get her head back in the game. She surely still felt the heaviness of the suit she had to wear for the film, but she also felt the lightness of the humor shared with her co-worker, which is something far more powerful than physical discomfort. There was even talk of a sequel to the film, even if plans for that seem to have stalled for the moment.