The Walking Dead Deleted A Norman Reedus And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Fight Scene

The Walking Dead took out a fight scene everyone wanted!

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Of the things that both Norman Reedus’s Daryl and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan on The Walking Dead share in common, it’s that they both start off among the most unsympathetic characters in the series, while both would soon become fan-favorites. According to a star from the show, there was almost an epic fight scene between Daryl, Negan, and Ryan Hurst‘s Whisperer Beta. The fight was cut, and Hurst wasn’t happy about it.

In seasons 9 and 10 of The Walking Dead, Ryan Hurst plays the Whisperer Beta, adviser to Samantha Morton’s Alpha. Before his death in “A Certain Doom,” he forms a unique bond with both Daryl and Negan. That’s part of the reason why at the December Steel City Con (via Comic Book), Hurst said he was hoping for a big, final showdown between him and the two other actors. He also said such a throw-down was initially planned for the three of them. Hurst explained, “I was hoping that Daryl and I would have got to fight a little more or that Beta would have been able to go at it with Negan a little bit more, which was supposed to be on the books there. It was written that way for a little while, which I was excited about… Then, at the last minute, they decided that they just wanted this sort of surprise to happen where Daryl kind of swoops in and saves the day.”

In case you forgot: rather than Negan and Daryl tackling Beta face-to-face-to-face during The Walking Dead‘s Whisperer War, instead Negan lures Beta into a trap. Instead of Daryl giving Beta a prolonged fight, the former shows up out of the blue and plunges his knives into Beta’s eyes, killing him. The Whisperer Beta, unable to get revenge for his Alpha, goes out, fittingly, with a whisper.

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In spite of being disappointed with not getting the three-way fight he wanted, Hurst has nothing but great things to say about his time working on The Walking Dead. He said of the production that “it really operated like a city or a town or a village, it mirrored the show a little bit how proficient they were as a community filming the show together.” He said behind-the-scenes there was a “family atmosphere,” and overall called it a “beautiful” experience.

As for Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus, there’s speculation that both may get their own spinoff series set in The Walking Dead‘s expanding universe after the conclusion of the home series. Some reports say Daryl and Carol (Melissa McBride) are getting their own show. While Morgan has said he isn’t completely against the idea of a Negan spinoff, part of him often feels like he either wants his antihero to either walk “off into the sunset” or to go down swinging — and in the latter case he doesn’t care very much about who he goes down swinging at.

The middle section of The Walking Dead‘s final, super-sized season premieres on AMC on Sunday, February 20. The finale season will be split into three sections of 8 episodes each, making a total of 24 episodes. Season 11A concluded last October with “For Blood” while season 11B starts up in February with “No Other Way.” The premiere date for season 11C hasn’t yet been announced.