Daryl From The Walking Dead Getting His Own Movie?

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

The Walking Dead has been on the air for more than a decade with ten seasons in the bank. You’d think that they’d be getting close to running out of stories or having more than a little fatigue around some of the characters. You’d be wrong. There are plenty of works in development around this franchise with news coming out all the time about new directions and ideas. The latest rumor, from insider Daniel Richtman, has it that Daryl (Norman Reedus) is getting a new movie and it will be something of an origin story. 

While The Walking Dead is gearing up for its 11th season on AMC, there are a number of different other plans in the works for the universe of characters. Getting a movie about Daryl, and how he came to meet up with the rest of the group has a lot of possibilities. Remember, we first met him in the show’s pilot episode along with his brother Merle. The two were really gearing up to be the show’s central antagonists until the former showed something of a softer side than his volatile brother. When we caught up with them, the zombie apocalypse was already well underway. 

Presumably, a Daryl origin movie would take us back in time in The Walking Dead universe with some background around his life and his relationship with his brother (Michael Rooker). The two clearly had a troubled upbringing with his brother, in particular, harboring quite a bit of anger and racism. This could make for an interesting early dynamic and would also set up how the two survived the early onset of zombies. Also, seeing as how Daryl is one of the funniest characters on the show, he’s just the one to choose.

Besides this rumored origin story for a longstanding member of the cast, there are other The Walking Dead productions in the works as well. For starters, Fear the Walking Dead is already through five seasons and tells the story of the beginning of the zombie takeover through the eyes of a group of Californians. 

Additionally, The Walking Dead: The World Beyond premiered in October of last year and is set in Nebraska about a decade after the zombie takeover. This would start putting it in line with the current version of The Walking Dead. It will be brought back for a second season even though the critical response was really lacking. 

And finally, there was reportedly going to be a Daryl and Carol spinoff show in the works as well as Tales of the Walking Dead which will tell one-off stories about different characters. And of course, the biggest of them all is the proposed The Walking Dead movie. Apparently, that will bring Rick Grimes back into the picture after his character was whisked away in a helicopter at the end of Season 9. 

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So is there fatigue around The Walking Dead? It sure doesn’t seem like it. In such an intricate and brutal world, getting new stories about old characters feels right in the cards. And finding out about Daryl’s origin story would almost definitely be worth the watch.

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