Will Rick Grimes Die In The Walking Dead Movie? Possible Spoilers

By Ross Bonaime | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln Walking Dead

After nine seasons on The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln finally left the show, however, he became one of the few actors to leave the show without dying. Even though The Walking Dead will be coming to an end soon, we haven’t seen the last of Grimes, who will be receiving his own trilogy of films. But despite Rick living through nine seasons of zombie hell, a new rumor suggests that Rick will die at the end of these planned movies.

This rumor comes from Daniel Richtman, who posted the rumor on his Patreon page, saying that he heard the plan is for Rick to die at the end of the three films. It is unclear where Richtman is hearing these rumors from, nor is it clear how far these films are in development, or if all three are being written as part of one large piece.

While it has been reported that the films will not be direct adaptations of The Walking Dead comics, there are rumors that Rick Grimes’ movie series will follow the Three Rings, a military force who believes themselves to be humanity’s future. But also killing Rick Grimes in the final film would follow the comics, as Rick did die in the penultimate issue of the comic book. It seems unlikely that the film will adhere to the comics in any major way, but this rumor does imply that Rick’s story always ends with his death.

Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead

Even though The Walking Dead is ending in 2022, the show will live on in multiple forms. Fear the Walking Dead is currently airing its sixth season, and has been renewed for a seventh. Another spinoff, entitled The Walking Dead: World Beyond, debuted last year, and is planned to consist of only two seasons. AMC has also announced Tales of the Walking Dead, an episodic anthology series that will explore the backstories of characters in the Walking Dead universe. Finally, there are plans for a spinoff series focused on the characters of Daryl and Carol, which is set to premiere in 2023 after The Walking Dead concludes.

But it’s still unclear when the first Rick Grimes movie will be released. Currently, the plan is for these three films to be released in theaters, although who knows what form we will see the films in at this point. While production was planned to start in 2019, it looks as though that may have been delayed. Yet with The Walking Dead concluding in 2022, it seems like we might not see it until 2023 at this point.

With the first Rick Grimes film likely still some time away, it seems strange to predict where the third film will go so far ahead of time. After the first few seasons where The Walking Dead willingly killed fan favorites, it seems as though the show is becoming a bit more restrained in its old age. As AMC hints that they won’t kill fan favorites Daryl and Carol already, The Walking Dead might also allow Rick Grimes to live a bit longer and give him a happy ending, rather than having him meet a walker fate.