Fans are Ecstatic Over The View Host Leaving the Show

By Kristi Eckert | 3 days ago

the view meghan mccain

Fans of the long-running morning talk show, The View are expressing their sheer excitement over the fact that one of the co-hosts, Meghan McCain, is officially leaving the show. Twitter is currently buzzing with an overwhelming amount of celebratory tweets relating to McCain’s exit from The View

At the beginning of July McCain announced that she would officially be leaving The View. The news outlet, CNN quoted her saying that “I am here to tell all of you, my wonderful cohorts and viewers at home: This is going to be my last season here at ‘The View.’”

McCain also stated that July 30th would very likely be her last day on the show. CNN also indicated that her decision has been one that she has been wrestling with for quite a while. This could have been largely due to the fact that she often went head-to-head with her other co-hosts in heated confrontations that arose because of their vastly different political stances and opinions. 

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Fans have not been able to contain their enthusiasm over McCain’s departure from The View. In fact, the website Queerty* has compiled a collection of many of the tweets from ecstatic fans. One fan, Elgin Charles, humorously tweeted, “Let me pour myself a glass of Opus One in observance of this auspicious occasion!!!” However, much to the dismay of many fans their celebration was cut temporarily short because it was revealed that McCain’s last day was not July 30th, but August 6th. It seems as though fans will have to put the corks back on their champagne bottles until then. 

Even though it has been largely speculated that Meghan McCain is leaving The View because of the continued clashes that she had with her other colleagues, her situation and experience on The View is not an isolated one. In fact, the show has a long history of gritty verbal altercations dating back through almost the entire duration of the talk show’s existence. Since the show’s inception in 1997, it’s been the subject of critical review and unending controversy. One of the most notable of these controversies took place during the show’s 10th season when then co-host Rosie O’Donnell made hurtful Asian slurs and entered into many heated and uncomfortable debates with her former colleague Elisabeth Hasselback. 

Additionally, Joy Behar, who has been with the show for two decades was the subject of controversy when in 2018 she made a religious slur about former reality TV star turned politician Omarosa. In more recent news, outside of her involvement on The View, Whoopi Goldberg has been under fire for a video, which aired quite some time ago, that made outlandish claims relating to Apartheid and kids not being “woke”.

Given that McCain is clearly not the only one of her co-stars to be the subject of repeated embroilments, former and present, maybe it’s time for the producers of The View to take a page out of CBS’ talk show, The Talk, and shake up its all-female cast by hiring someone they wouldn’t traditionally hire. For now, though, fans can still eagerly anticipate Meghan McCain’s resignation and join the flood of funny memes and happy tweets on twitter.