That ’90s Show Fate Has Already Been Decided By Netflix

That '90s Show has been given a second season, but this time with 16 episodes.

By James Brizuela | Updated

that '90s show

That ’90s Show was released by Netflix on January 19, and the streaming company has already made a decision about the future of this new sequel series sitcom. Point Place is going to get another crack at presenting the world with a deeper look at the new gang of kids, as the series has been approved for a second season. However, far more exciting is that the second season has been expanded to include 16 episodes instead of the 10 that the first season held, which means they may have read our review.

That ’90s Show was quite effective at bringing in the nostalgia from the classic That ’70s Show characters returning in great ways, but the new gang of kids were not given the proper time to develop. However, now that the new series is going to get 16 episodes, there is certainly going to be more of a sitcom feel to the sequel series. For those who have not seen the new show, look away, as there will be heavy spoilers ahead.

That ’90s Show follows the life of Leia Forman (Eric and Donna’s daughter) and a new gang of kids that meet when Leia shows up to visit Red and Kitty. When she meets the rebellious next-door neighbor, Gwen, Leia begs Eric to let her stay in Point Place for the summer. Leia meets Nate Runck (Gwen’s brother), Ozzie, Jay Kelso, and Nikki, and a new gang of kids is formed.

The classic That ’70s Show characters come in at opportune moments, like Eric and Donna in the pilot episode of That ’90s Show when they bring Leia to visit Red and Kitty. However, that same episode also sees Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) and Jackie Burkhart also appear, but in a rather lazy way. Although they are the parents of Jay Kelso, their inclusion should have been handled a bit better.

that '90s show

With That ’90s Show extending to 16 episodes, it could help to iron out some of those messy cameos, and it gives the property more time to establish the older characters coming back in more meaningful ways. Also, we get to see how the kids’ lives are going to interconnect again, apart from seeing Leia and Jay fall in love with one another far too quickly. We are certainly excited to see this budding universe take on more of a shape in the next season.

That ’90s Show cracked the top 10 on Netflix for the English TV sector, in over 35 countries. The new series also received some 41 million hours viewed in less than the month that it has been available on the streaming platform. Though Netflix has been known to cancel things recently, it was a no-brainer to bring this sitcom back.

With That ’90s Show getting the green light to produce another season, we would imagine that production is going to start very soon. This would mean that we can expect to see the second season of the series in the spring of 2024. This is just speculation, but we can’t wait to see this story return sooner rather than later.