Superman Vs. Supergirl Happening?

Could we see two Kryptonians squaring off with the potential of Superman and Supergirl coming at odds in a future movie for DC?

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


The DC Extended Universe is in major growth mode right now with all manner of movies and productions currently underway or in the pipeline. And in some ways, it looks like there’s an out-with-old and in-with-the-new operation going on. Look no further to what’s happening with Superman compared to Supergirl. We have new versions of both coming with an older version maybe getting kicked to the curb. The latest We Got This Covered rumor has it that DC is considering putting these two iconic characters on the screen against each other in some way. Could we be seeing Superman and Supergirl actually face off in the DC Extended Universe? Is this even a good idea?

This latest rumor is without many other details, but it for sure raises more than a few questions about how Superman and Supergirl would clash. Could it be that they are wrestling for ultimate control of Earth, or does it maybe go back to something from their home planet? That much isn’t available right now. Even if they had some clear idea of the backstory, it wouldn’t even be remotely ironed out about which versions we’d actually see duke it out. That’s because while DC is growing, there’s also a significant state of flux around the characters. 

Now Supergirl isn’t really the short-term issue at all. We are going to get Sasha Calle in that role when The Flash finally hits screens. We got the first glimpse of her in costume when the production was filming in London and there’s a bright future there. But what we don’t know is if her Supergirl version will even exist in the same universe or timeline as Henry Cavill’s Superman. With The Flash likely to speed its way through the DC version of the Multiverse, that story could go any number of different directions and it doesn’t mean she’s in the same world as the Zack Snyder Justice Leaguers. 

Henry Cavill superman

And then there is Superman. What is to be done about Superman? For starters, we aren’t even clear where Henry Cavill stands in the future plans for DC. His current workload has been intent on taking franchise after franchise role, committing himself to a ton of projects in the future like Netflix’s The Witcher and Enola Holmes. Plus he’s going to reboot The Highlander and there’s even rumors of a James Bond-like franchise coming too. These aren’t the actions of a guy who’s setting aside time to take on a ton more work for DC. 

We are going to get another version of Superman, likely with a black actor in the lead stemming from the Calvin Ellis comic book storyline. That’s coming from producer J.J. Abrams and writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. But there’s no word if this character will even be in the DC Extended Universe. In fact, it’s unlikely. Much like how Matt Reeves is rebooting a whole new world around Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/ Batman, we could see the same thing with the new Superman. 

So for now, we’ll treat this Superman vs. Supergirl rumor as just that, a rumor. It doesn’t seem like DC has enough of a handle on their current roster to even think about pitting major characters like this against each other.