Star Trek: Discovery Changing Final Season To Be More Like Strange New Worlds

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Per a recent write-up in CinemaBlend, Star Trek: Discovery will be more episodic in the final ten episodes, which comprise its upcoming fifth season. This change, which will mimic the success of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, will surely breathe new life into the series just as it prepares to end its historic run, making for an exciting finale that won’t be bogged down with nine built-up episodes of unnecessary baggage.

Star Trek: Discovery Episodes

This should come as fantastic news to fans of the franchise, as the heightened focus on serialization in Discovery has served as one of the show’s biggest critiques.

This shift toward episodic structure has been confirmed by series showrunner Michelle Paradise, who recently appeared alongside Commander Michael Burnham actress Sonequa Martin-Green at the CCXP event in Brazil.

Best Is Coming?

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During their chat, Paradise reportedly explained to the crowd that the upcoming final season of Star Trek: Discovery will contain the most fun episodes in the series, with a looser focus on serialized structure.

The final season of Star Trek: Discovery is set to see Commander Burnham and her crew take on a mission to reach a significant artifact in the deep recesses of the galaxy before the evil forces of other encroaching factions can obtain it themselves.

Fan Speculation

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Fans have already begun to speculate that the structure of the final season may allow for an opportunity to tell several one-off stories and adventures as the crew journeys across the universe in search of the artifact.

If Paradise’s comments regarding the more upbeat and lighthearted tone of the season ring true, the show will more closely resemble Star Trek: Strange New Worlds than ever before.

More Action Set Pieces

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The new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery are also set to contain a greater deal of action set pieces than fans are used to, allowing for a host of new and exciting activity to keep viewers on the edge of their seats right through the finale.

Of course, that isn’t to say that the series will lose its magic and its appeal to core fans.

Major Shift

During a December 2022 interview with Doug Jones, the Saru actor stressed that the final season will continue the best elements from Discovery’s fourth season, which, despite poor Nielsen ratings, serves as a high watermark for the show among fans.

Actors and producers alike have confirmed that the best elements of Star Trek: Discovery will be present in droves for the explosive final season, even with the somewhat sudden shift to episodic structure.

Going Out With A Bang

While many fans are dismayed at the earlier-than-expected conclusion to the series, which has only ben airing since 2017, Michelle Paradise has stressed that the show will be going out with a bang, bringing some of the best storylines and plot points to a satisfying conclusion before closing their doors for good.

The final season of Star Trek: Discovery will begin premiering in April 2024 on Paramount+, will more news and updates sure to come in the following months as we approach the premiere.