Star Trek: Discovery Stars Share In Fan Outrage About Netflix Controversy

By Carolyn Jenkins | 58 seconds ago

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Star Trek: Discovery will be leaving Netflix before it migrates permanently to the Paramount streaming service. For many fans, particularly ones in countries where there Paramount+ streaming service is unavailable, this is heartbreaking news. While American audiences may have no trouble getting to Paramount should they decide to subscribe, international fans are not so lucky. 

International fans have been able to stream Star Trek: Discovery for the past three seasons. Now it will be significantly more difficult for them to watch the show. Fans outside of the region were under the impression that they would be able to stream the new season when it aired today. Instead, the show will be unavailable to them until 2022. The actors on the show share fans’ frustration with this news. Anthony Rapp who plays Paul Stamets on the show was particularly heartfelt on Twitter.

Rapp went on to state that he was unaware of this change. None of the Star Trek: Discovery cast were aware of the situation and had been promoting its arrival, expecting that it would hit Netflix. This solidarity with the fans was needed as they have vented their frustrations as well.

Some Star Trek: Discovery fans just speak the truth.

Some fans use humor to handle their disappointment.

But some are just devastated.

TheseStar Trek: Discovery fans are experiencing genuine heartache.

The most disheartening aspect of the Star Trek: Discovery saga is how alienating it is to fans. Many have taken to Twitter not just to vent but to state that it has ostracized them as fans. Support from content creators is more important than ever. Actor Patrick Kwok-Choon who plays Gen Rhys only had this to say:

President of streaming at ViacomCBS Networks International Kelly Day defended the actions of the decision. “We have a strong global and local content pipeline that positions us for success across our regions, and repatriating beloved series like Star Trek: Discovery for Paramount+ is another step forward as we bring fans more must-watch series worldwide.” This seems counterintuitive to international fans as they will not be able to watch the series until next year. Because of this their displeasure is heightened and seems in direct opposition to what the company intended.

Since Star Trek’s reboot in J.J. Abram’s 2009 film, more and more content has been prevalent. The trilogy finished its final film with Star Trek: Beyond. Critics were split on the quality of his final entry, though this isn’t exactly unheard of in the sci-fi universe. However the film was perceived, it paved the way for new shows on streaming. Star Trek: Discovery aired in 2017 and was followed by shows like Star Trek: Picard and now the Star Trek: Lower Decks animated series. The property seems to be booming with popularity which makes Netflix’s decision to delay Season 4 for international audiences an odd choice.

The good news is that Star Trek: Discovery fans will be able to see it eventually. But those wary of spoilers are aware they will need to distance themselves from the internet for the foreseeable future. The one upside to this story is how it proves how passionate the fanbase of the show is. Since the series aired, some criticisms of the series have circulated. Some have argued that the show is not consistent with previous canon. There have even been controversial opinions about the first gay couple to appear in Star Trek history. These fans have not let these varied opinions affect their love and appreciation for the show. As a universe that revolves around a Utopian society, tolerance and acceptance is the main goal. International fans will anticipate Star Trek: Discovery’s return when it reaches them in 2022.