Spy x Family Season 2: Everything We Know

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

Not every anime is about a heroic protagonist developing their personal power using new techniques and vanquishing enemies with overwhelming physical might. Part of what makes anime so great is there’s comedy series, slice-of-life shows, romance, and even low-stakes family drama. Spy x Family was an immediate hit because it combines multiple genres, from family comedy to spy novels, becoming a mainstream hit in the process.

The Spy x Family Season 2 Trailer

The first glimpse we got of Spy x Family Season 2 sent hearts a flutter by including Loid asking out Yor on a date. Is that part of the mission, or has he started to fall for his fake wife? We won’t know until the new season drops later in 2023.

In addition, it looks like the Forger family is going on a cruise, with Anya embarrassed by her (fake) dad’s choice of outfit. Finally, the very end teases the upcoming Spy x Family: Code White feature film coming to theaters by the end of the year!

What Spy x Family Is About

Spy x Family Season 2

In a world where information warfare between nations has reached a fever pitch, the nation of Westalis deploys its top agent, Twilight, to spy on the leader of the neighboring nation’s National Unity Party, Donovan Desmond. The problem is, he’s a recluse, which means Twilight needs to create a fake family at the same school as Desmond’s children. It’s a simple plot, but Spy x Family throws a few wrinkles into it that made Season 1 an absolute joy to watch.

For starters, Twilight, going by the name Loid Forger, picks up at the orphanage is Anya, a little girl that’s secretly a telepath. This works exceptionally well as a recurring background gag whenever someone says something disturbing like Yor thinking that her dress must be black or red to conceal blood.

Yor, the fake mom/wife, is secretly an assassin, keeping that a secret from Loid just as he’s keeping his real mission a secret from her. Thinking that Loid needs a fake wife to help Anya get into the prestigious Eden Academy, she goes along with the plan since she’s in need of a fake husband to keep her brother happy.

Even the family’s dog, Bond (named after Bondman, Anya’s favorite hero), has a secret. He’s a precog and can see into the future (with mixed results) thanks to being experimented on, and he is also smart enough to understand humans.

What To Expect In Season 2

Spy x Family Season 2

The first season of Spy x Family covered 25 episodes, broken up into two cour, and covered 38 chapters of the manga (through the first seven volumes). It’s likely that Season 2 will then adapt a similar amount, especially since there are 34 additional chapters of the manga already out, which is the perfect amount.

As for the further story of the Forger family, Spy x Family Season 2 will continue to give equal weight to both parts of the title. For now, only The Cruise Adventure arc has been confirmed, which puts the spotlight on Yor. Being tasked with protecting a client and his family from assassins is hard enough, but Loid and Anya win tickets to board the ship as well, forcing Yor to conceal her mission….both of them!

Season 2 Will Reveal Loid’s Past

Spy x Family Season 2

It hasn’t been confirmed, but going off of the Spy x Family manga, following the Cruise Adventure arc, will come the WISE arc. During the six-chapter arc, Loid reflects on his past as a spy, including how he started down the dark path to begin with.

Hints were dropped throughout Season 1, from Loid’s justification that he’s working to make a world where children would not have to cry, to the reverence that the other WISE agents have for Agent Twilight. Given the comedic tone of the series to date, the WISE arc will likely be the most tragic of the franchise, but we can’t wait to see how it’s adapted.

If it follows the footprints of Jujutsu Kaisen’s flashback story arc, Spy x Family Season 2 will be another hit for the fast-growing series.

When And Where To Stream Spy x Family Season 2

Thankfully for fans of the groundbreaking series, the wait for Spy x Family Season 2 is nearly over, as it debuts on October 22. Following the debut episode, new episodes will be released on a weekly basis.

Spy x Family can be streamed on either Hulu or Crunchyroll, with both dubs and subs available. Unlike some other anime, the English voice acting is amazing, especially the work of Anya’s voice performer Megan Shipman, who nails her character’s wild reactions.

The Spy x Family Movie

While Spy x Family Season 2 is airing, the anime’s first theatrical release is going to come out, titled Spy x Family: Code White. Due on December 22, all we know for sure about the film is its release date, but there are still some tantalizing hints from the teaser trailer.

It’s another opportunity to acquire a Stella award from Eden Academy, this time through a cooking competition, but it’s never that straightforward. The Forger family goes off to find the perfect recipe in the land of Firgis, which gets derailed when Anya finds a special piece of chocolate, but no matter what happens, it’s better than Yor trying to cook.

Though the movie is a standalone experience, it was written by Tatsuya Endo, the creator of Spy x Family. The film won’t have any impact on future seasons of the series, but fans will be thrilled with another adventure of the Forger family.