Crunchyroll Adds 1,000 Hours Of Free Anime

By TeeJay Small | Updated

Bungo Stray Dogs

Crunchyroll has added thousands of hours of free anime series to watch on their official site in a stunning turn of events that will leave anime fans with an embarrassment of riches. This news comes just weeks after Netflix has announced an influx in anime material, providing plenty of high-quality content for any television fans fearing the worst amid the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Crunchyroll is a Coppell, Texas-based entertainment company which champions the art and culture of anime, providing free streaming access to their fans all over the world. In their most recent update, they have provided access to hundreds of beloved series in dubbed English audio and subtitled in their original Japanese.

The dubs vs. subs debate has long raged among the worldwide community of anime fans, with a number of shows providing nuanced exceptions to the generally established rules.

Stream Chainsaw Man For Free

One of the big highlights from this recent batch of Crunchyroll content is Chainsaw Man, a series which, as promised by its title, features a man who has become one with the demon powers of a chainsaw.

The show’s story takes place within a world where Devils arise from the fears of modern man, creating monstrous ghouls from historical events such as The Holocaust and the September 11 attacks. One young boy named Denji takes on the task of hunting these Devils, utilizing strange chainsaw-like protrusions which extend from his arms and head.

The series offers a gruesome display of high-octane action and an incredibly nuanced deep dive into what it means to be human in a post-nuclear society. Would humanity truly lay down its arms and come together if its manmade atrocities could cause such carnage? To answer this question and many more, you can run to Crunchyroll to stream the series now.

Gundam Wing: The Witch From Mercury Carries On A Long Tradition

Another standout pick uploaded to the Crunchyroll platform in recent days is Gundam Wing: The Witch From Mercury. Unlike Chainsaw Man, The Witch From Mercury continues a classic series, clocking in as the fifteenth mainline entry in the storied Gundam franchise.

Though it has deep roots in a long-running franchise, The Witch From Mercury stays incredibly fresh and modern, and doesn’t feel restrained or held back by its attachment to a long-running narrative.

One major innovation in the series is the inclusion of female and LGBTQ main characters, marking the first time this has been seen in the long-running Gundam Wing franchise. The series follows Suletta Mercury, a young extraterrestrial who transfers into an academic institute run by a team of megacorporations who seek to place all of the galaxies commerce in a stranglehold.

Spy X Family Is One Of The Hottest Anime Right Now

Finally, we have Spy X Family, another in the long list of anime highlights to break onto the Crunchyroll platform. This anime which first premiered in 2022 catalogs the life and occupational hazards of secret agent Twilight, who struggles to navigate deep-cover espionage while managing his family.

In a shocking twist, the audience learns that Twilight’s suburban wife is herself a deadly assassin, occupying a similar spy niche in a twist reminiscent of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s 2005 spy thriller Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

However, things become even more complicated for the family when it is revealed that their adopted daughter is a brilliant telepath, who knows everyone’s secrets due to her psychic abilities. The series has many anime fans clamoring for more, especially after being uploaded to Crunchyroll and made free for a wider viewing public.

Hundreds of new series are available to binge on Crunchyroll now, with dozens of highlights to cover. For any anime fans looking to beat the heat this summer, you’ll surely find hour after hour of high-quality content to stream now, as both Crunchyroll and Netflix have promised to continue stacking their growing libraries of content.