Spider-Man: No Way Home Had To Make A Last Minute Change To A Fan Favorite Scene

One of the most wildly fun fan-favorite scenes in Spider-Man: No Way Home had a bizarre last-minute change, but it gets even weirder.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

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Spider-Man: No Way Home featured the return of a whole host of beloved characters from Spider-Man films of yesteryear. Not only did fans get to witness the likes of Tobey Maguire and Andre Garfield return alongside their associated rogues, but Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock a.k.a Daredevil made a sensation return as well. However, as reported by Comicbook.com, Cox’s No Way Home scene underwent an intriguing change in post-production.

The scene in question is when Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man is seeking legal counsel from Cox’s Matt Murdock following Mysterio’s manipulation of the public. Sat around the table of the apartment in Queens, Peter, Aunt May and Happy are told by Murdock that legal charges won’t be pressed, but the court of public opinion is still at large. At this point, a brick comes hurtling through the window, and before Parker’s ‘Spidersense’ can kick in, Murdock intercepts the brick himself. The scene plays out brilliantly and in a typically humorous fashion for the MCU, after Peter asks Murdock, ‘how did you do that,’ the Hell’s Kitchen resident quips ‘I’m a really good lawyer.’ 

The glorious nature of that scene will have many wondering what could have been changed to get to such a satisfying end product. The answer may be bemusing to some, instead of a brick hurtling through the window, the original projectile was intended to be a snow globe. This odd revelation came courtesy of the Podcast Corridor Crew when VFX artist Kelly Port said: “With Murdock here and catching the brick, that was originally not a brick, it was a snow globe. “So that’s one of those creative decisions that came after the fact.” Port goes on to state how you can see the spherical shape of both Tom Holland’s and Charlie Cox’s hands if you look close, but for unknown reasons, the globe was swapped out for a brick in post-production. You can see this discussion, plus other conversations regarding the CGI in Spider-Man: No Way Home in the video below.

It remains to be seen but remains highly unlikely that this oddball revelation will have serious implications on the future of the Spider-Man franchise. Although it does represent a new mystery, why was the scene originally set to feature a snowglobe in place of the brick? Was it a mere creative decision, a case of changing for the sake of look as opposed to deeper meaning? It does appear to make more sense that an angry bystander would throw a brick through someone’s window rather than a snowglobe, and perhaps that is what the production team on No Way Home thought as well. 

What begs deeper speculation is how will the MCU further the stories of both Tom Holland’s Spider-Man franchise and Charlie Cox’s interpretation of Daredevil? Among many theories circulating about the future of Spider-Man, one No Way Home deleted scene hinted that Holland may reunite with Maguire and Garfield again down the road. Given the success of their first on-screen interaction, this would be a fruitful avenue to explore for both Sony and Marvel, but what of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil? The Daredevil Netflix show has now made its way to Disney Plus and sources close to Marvel claim that fans can expect the character to pop up in multiple MCU projects in the future.