Tobey Maguire And Andrew Garfield Returning To The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

tobey maguire spider-man

If you happen to have been living under a rock for the past nearly four months, you might have missed one of the biggest reveals in Marvel history. December 17th came around and with that was the release for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Heavy rumors were speculated on for months on end, which had everyone believing that the multiverse was going to be bringing back both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire in their roles as the web crawler. Well, that turned out to be totally true, and everyone went wild with speculation about them eventually returning for their own solo Spider-Man movies. No Way Home is now being able to be watched via digital purchase, and a deleted scene might indicate that Garfield and Maguire can and will return to the MCU in some way.

The scene refers to the ending of No Way Home, in which all three Spider-Men say their goodbyes to one another. However, it is in the dialogue that indicates we might see them all separately or together again in some fashion. During this deleted scene, Holland says, “I’ll see you later,” to which Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reply, “you know where to find us.” Now, this could certainly be a throwaway scene that was just not what Jon Watts wanted, but it could also have been deleted to keep everyone off the scent that all three of these web-slinging gentlemen would meet again. Obviously, now that the clip has been revealed, the heavy speculation can continue. While the critic response to Andrew Garfield portraying Peter Parker may have seemed mostly negative, fans seem to want him to return. He has been connected to returning to the Sony Marvel Universe for quite some time. Maguire coming back would certainly be nostalgia overload.

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The fact that all three are indicating that they might see another again could also mean their role in the multiverse might not be over with. This is the main plot for the majority of the MCU films coming out soon. Doctor Strange 2 is said to bring even more craziness to this idea, so maybe they will all come back for that film as well. This is speculation, but boy would it be awesome. Strange did cast a spell that effectively wiped out the world’s memory that Holland’s version of Peter Parker is Spider-Man, so maybe Garfield and Tobey Maguire won’t know this either. Or, like most things, there could be a way to reverse the spell entirely and things will go back to normal. Whatever happens, it appears as if the world wants all three to exist simultaneously.

Despite the failings of Spider-Man 3, Tobey Maguire is still one of the best to portray Peter Parker. Quite honestly, they are all great in their own rights, and bringing them back together in No Way Home has been one of the most stellar moments in MCU history. Now if there was a way to allow them to coexist in each other’s films or separately again, that would be fantastic. Either way, the multiverse is a crazy thing, so we might see another three-way Spidey team up sometime in the near future.