The Southern Horror On Streaming That Will Make You Laugh And Scream

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

While streamers like Peacock and Max are stacked with a variety of slasher, paranormal, and zombie flicks to get your Halloween season started, Amazon Prime Video is here to bring some levity to the situation. Now, subscribers can check out Eli Craig’s 2010 horror-comedy feature, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, as it’s currently streaming on the platform. With a cult following, the dark comedy will have you on the bandwagon in no time.

A twist on your run-of-the-mill slasher flick, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil see good guys Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) made out to be killers due to their hillbilly looks and ways. While trying to befriend a group of college kids, the two pals find themselves at the center of a string of murders in which they become the main suspects. 

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is streaming on Amazon Prime VIdeo.

Along with Tudyk and Labine, the film also stars Katrina Bowden (Great White), Brandon Jay McLaren (Dead Before Dawn), Chelan Simmons (Final Destination 3), and Jesse Moss (Whistler).

While in classic pieces of horror like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes, the trope always sees the hillbillies as the psycho killers, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil completely flipped that narrative on its head. Without going into spoilers, nothing is as it seems when it comes to who’s actually responsible for the murder spree and who the college kids should be fearing rather than the hapless besties, Tucker and Dale.

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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Just managing to break above its production budget of $5 million, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil brought in $5.2 – $5.5 million at the global box office. The film was Eli Craig’s feature-length directorial debut which caused some buzz around Hollywood, setting it with a premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival followed by a screening at SXSW. 

A twist on your run-of-the-mill slasher flick, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil see good guys Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) made out to be killers due to their hillbilly looks and ways. 

Still, even the festival hype and Craig’s famous name (he’s the son of Sally Field) couldn’t get audiences to rush to theaters for the project’s limited theatrical release.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil managed to gain a cult following in the years following its release with audiences appreciating Eli Craig’s move to take the road less traveled in his film. Although he’s been missing from the world of screenwriting and directing for several years, Craig brought his fandom another horror comedy with Netflix’s 2017 feature, Little Evil

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Featuring performances by Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) and Evangeline Lilly (Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania), the movie was a hit for those eager to see what the Tucker & Dale vs. Evil helmer had up his sleeve for a sophomore release.

Tucker & Dale Sequel

At one point, there were even rumors swirling that a sequel to Tucker & Dale vs. Evil was in development with the original stars returning for more blood-soaked fun. The film, which has since likely been shelved from development, was going to see the two main characters trekking off for the wide world of higher education. Sadly, for one reason or another, it seems unlikely that fans will be catching that project any time soon.

As far as the stars of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil are concerned, audiences will likely recognize Tyler Labine for his roles in TV shows including Breaker High, Invasion, Reaper, and Deadbeat, with his notable performance being in NBC’s hit medical drama, New Amsterdam

As for Alan Tudyk, the actor has long been a mainstay in the sci-fi genre as well as the voice behind some of your favorite animated projects. Included in his impressive lineup of credits are appearances on such titles as A Knight’s Tale, Firefly, Santa Clarita Diet, Harley Quinn, Strange World, Resident Alien, Rogue One, Frozen, and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

So, while you’re watching all the classics like Halloween, The Amityville Horror, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, be sure to bring some comedy into the fold by catching Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.