Snakes Showed Up At Disney Park, See The Wild Videos

Check out the wild video of a group of snakes showing up at Disney in a pretty unexpected place. Dare we say this one is cute?

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The talk of snakes is ramping up lately with more and more sightings all over the world. There have been some harrowing videos of poisonous snake bites, snakes trapping people in offices, some hanging out in toilets and even slithering across grocery store shelves. But rarely do we get snake videos that are actually, well, cute. That was the case recently when snakes showed up at a zoo and had a group of gorillas more than a little curious about what was going on inside their environment. 

The video of the snakes wandering into a gorilla enclosure comes via TikTok and went down on the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In the video, we see a group of gorillas who’ve stumbled on something curious in the corner of their home. Hidden in the straw is a snake, something they apparently haven’t ever seen before and are rightfully cautious about the discovery. Check out the video, taken by a park guest that shows these gorillas trying to figure out what the heck is going on in front of them. 


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These gorillas are all of us when they see these things in the corner. The video, uploaded by @silkystrokesurvivor on TikTok is one of a small series that he shot of the gorillas trying to determine if the snake is a threat or not. And again, they do everything we would do in this situation. First, there’s the slow movement over to confirm it’s actually something slithering in the straw. Then there’s the predictable jump back when the snakes actually move. You could put a human in their place and it would be the exact same thing. 

Of course, the gorillas want to explore these snakes a little more and determine if there’s a plan of action around what to do. So we get the straw being trepidatiously swatted about. It’s that moment where you want to find the snake to know if it’s there, but you also kind of *don’t* want to find it either. Slowly, they get more comfortable that there isn’t, at least in the moment, a huge threat and they settle into just trying to find them in the grass. 

Ultimately, you can hear someone off-camera, presumably an employee of Disney’s Animal Kingdom assuring guests that these snakes weren’t harmful or dangerous to the gorillas. In fact, they might even be in there to keep the environment clean of other intruders. That much isn’t totally clear. But what is for certain, is that this is probably one of the first times the gorillas had ever happened on them in their home. 

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Not every encounter with snakes is as benign or cute as this one. There have been stories of hordes of them trapped in people’s ceilings, runners stumbling on a cache of them on a trail, some showing up on store shelves and in home closets, and much more. There’s even a snake chasing out rats from the inside of a wall and snakes on a train. Right now it’s the snakes’ world. We just live in it.