Bright Orange Snake Found Slithering On Train, See The Video

See the video of an orange snake unexpectedly slithering about on a train in the UK.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Snakes have an unfortunate way of showing up in unexpected places. They’re good at finding the tiniest of holes and making their way into places that humans wish they wouldn’t. Still, riders on a train in the United Kingdom definitely didn’t expect to look down and see a white and orange striped snake slithering by their feet. It’s definitely one of those moments where you might spend at least a few seconds in shock, processing what you are seeing, before it finally strikes your mind to pull your feet up and get the heck away from the bright snake slithering about. Fortunately for us, the people witnessing this sighting had the sense of mind to take a video.

See the orange snake on the train below.

The tweet mentions thanking two accounts. They belong to the British Transport Police and the RSPCA, an animal welfare organization serving England and Wales. The video was shared by Cross Country Trains UK, servicing Scotland and Wales. They later updated on the snake, sharing that they are looking for the owner of what they believe to be someone’s pet snake.

People replied to the tweet, asking many different questions about the incident. One user asked if the train stopped or if they went to the station with the snake still slithering about. The original poster shared that they kept trying to charm the reptile and get it into a box, but the snake kept hiding from them. They took the train to the depot and were able to get it in the box after. Since their original tweet referenced the Sam Jackson movie Snakes on a Plane, they also jokingly mentioned that they’ve been calling the actor up but going straight to voicemail.

One user asked if the RSPCA had identified the snake. They had not, as far as the original poster knew, but the person in the replies suggested it may be a Nelson’s Milksnake. That seems very possible based on what we’re seeing in the video and picture here. A Nelson’s Milksnake is often kept as a pet. They’re native to Mexico, mostly in the central and west coast parts of the country. They are non-venomous.

However, another user came in and suggested that this is an albino milksnake. They are rarely found in the wild. The twitter user posted more photos of this type of snake to get people a better idea of what these snakes look like.

Some users suggested that it may be a corn snake, however, the Random Snake Facts account said that corn snakes tend to have wavier blotches, and the albino milksnakes tend to have evenly spaced bands of colors like we’re seeing in the little critter in the video. Both of the species here are not considered aggressive and they are non-venomous. They are also both commonly kept as pets. The albino milksnake would be a lot more expensive to keep, however. It makes you wonder what the story is with the person who lost their pet on the train.

When did the pet snake’s owner realize they’d misplaced their snake? Was it so long after the train that they thought they misplaced it somewhere else? Why haven’t they contacted the train authority? Were they worried they’d be in trouble for bringing their pet on the train? These are all questions we may never get satisfying answers to. Hopefully, the little critter finds a home soon.

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