Massive Snake Found In Kid’s Toy Basket, See The Video

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

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If it’s starting to seem like a massive snake might be waiting for you around every corner these days, you probably aren’t alone. It is starting to seem like everywhere we turn we are seeing stories of snakes appearing in the most unexpected of places. We might have something of a theme starting and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The latest sighting has a snake in a very scary spot, inside a basket of baby doll toys in a kid’s room. 

The latest snake video comes from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page and shows a seemingly innocent children’s bedroom with toys strewn about like they’d just been playing. But someone noticed something that wasn’t supposed to be there and they called a professional to take a look. That’s when they found a red-bellied black snake coiled into the bottom of a basket of baby dolls, just hanging out there like it was normal. Check out the video here:

This video comes from Australia, where the occurrence of snakes in unlikely places is a bit more commonplace. You can see everyone is remaining pretty calm when it comes to this snake find even though there is likely significant reason to be freaking out. The snake handler was able to identify the size and type of the snake pretty quickly, becoming amazed rather fast that this thing was actually hidden in the bottom of the toy basket. But there was also a sense of calm about how to handle the situation. 

Ultimately, they were able to get the red-bellied black snake out of the basket and you can see that it was rather large, easily measuring over three feet in length. The handler admits that this kind of snake is relatively shy all things considered and was likely just looking for a quiet and somewhat dark place to curl up. He mentions that the story might have turned out differently had one of the kids actually tried to grab the snake rather than seeing it first, but luckily that didn’t happen. 

The red-bellied black snake is indigenous to Australia and averages about four feet in length. They are venomous, but not deadly. The bites can be extremely painful, registering quite a bit of swelling at the contact point, and can even make the victim quite sick. Some rare bites will yield more harsh reactions, but for the most part you aren’t in life treating danger from a red-bellied black snake. 

And there have been plenty of stories of snake encounters recently which might have you a bit more on edge when it comes to these reptiles. We had one hanging from the ceiling of a family’s home, plus some hanging out in the walls. They’ve also shot out of sprinkler heads, come crawling around grocery stores and just been hanging out in parks. It feels like they are everywhere. 

So keep your head on a swivel for a random snake appearing in your life. It looks like you even need to inspect the kids’ toy baskets these days if that’s where they are going to be hanging out.