See A Huge Snake Loose In A House Chasing Out Rats

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago


Lately we’ve been seeing a random snake here and there popping up where it’s least expected. It’s been something of a running theme with these reptiles showing up more and more in places that are really catching folks off guard. But we haven’t seen a snake actually be put to good use that often, until now. There’s a crazy video out there that shows a snake acting the better part of an exterminator. 

First off, if you aren’t a snake fan and get squeamish at the idea of tons of rats running around walls, this might not be the video for you. But the homeowner here clearly knew they had a problem in the walls and there was a solid way to effectively “smoke out” the rat intruders. That was to jam a massive snake in the wall and watch the rats scurry out like, well, rats. Check out the new natural way to get rats out of your walls. 

You see the snake disappear into the pre-cut hole in the wall and then it doesn’t take long for the strategy to go into effect. There’s a little bit of a time-lapse, but then you see rats starting to spring out of the walls, trying to avoid the predator that is now slithering around inside the walls. The homeowner is quick to swat the rats into a bucket as they come out. The video shows six rats being herded into the waiting bucker for disposal before it’s all said and done. 

Now, what this video doesn’t deal with is what is to be done about the giant snake that’s now slithering around the inside of the wall unfettered and fancy free. It’s not like we can just shove a mongoose, coyote or fox into the wall to go after it. That kind of escalation would get out of hand pretty quickly. But this is a pretty cool solution for an unenviable problem. No big traps or chemical poisons needed. Nope, just have nature get up into those walls and go to work. 

While this kind of snake encounter would be of the horror variety if being covered by a pro-rat website, it’s rare that snake sightings have been quite so benign and useful. In fact, just last week there was documented footage of a hiker getting bit by a copperhead rattlesnake. That was the first bite of it’s kind in that particular area in decades. Thankfully, it ended up being only a dry bite and the man was fine. But that kind of bite can often be much, much worse. 

snake python

And then there was the case of a giant snake sitting in a family bathroom toilet. This thing practically took up the entire bowl and was thankfully noticed before anyone sat down to take care of business. That would have been the rudest of rude awakenings. Plus there have been sightings of enormous snakes outside of homes, or owns just slithering across grocery shelves. 

It’s good to see, like in this video, a snake being put to good use to get those rats out of their nesting places. Now, just need to get into the wall and somehow extract the snake.