The Sci-Fi Action Movie On Netflix Continues An Epic Franchise

By Steven Nelson | Updated


Prepare for an intergalactic showdown unlike any other. Skylines, the exhilarating third installment in the much-talked-about Skylines franchise, is now soaring its way into Netflix’s streaming galaxy. The saga continues as humanity and extraterrestrial life collide in a fight for survival, intertwining past legacies with futuristic ambitions. 

Whether you’ve been a fan since the first ship landed or are just embarking on this cosmic journey, brace yourself for a sci-fi adventure that promises to be a spectacle of thrilling confrontations, otherworldly landscapes, and mind-bending twists. Let the battle for Earth’s destiny begin!

The sci-fi action movie Skylines is currently streaming on Netflix

In Skylines, the story picks up after the events of the previous movies, catapulting viewers into an intensified interstellar conflict. When a virus threatens to turn Earth’s now peaceful hybrid alien population against humans, Captain Rose Corley, a human-alien hybrid with extraordinary abilities, is summoned.


Having proved herself in the previous encounters, Rose is the linchpin in humanity’s desperate plan to prevent the impending alien attack.

Drawing from her lineage’s strengths, she assembles an elite team of soldiers to join her on a mission into the extraterrestrial world. Their objective? To retrieve an artifact from the aliens‘ home planet that is key to saving both their species. However, as they journey through space, they encounter challenges and adversaries that put their skills, determination, and alliance to the test.

In Skylines, Rose is the linchpin in humanity’s desperate plan to prevent the impending alien attack

While the goal is clear, the path is fraught with battles, betrayals, and unexpected alliances. The mission becomes a race against time as they navigate through the alien world, battling enhanced creatures and trying to secure the vital artifact.

With the fate of both species hanging in the balance, Skylines is an adrenaline-pumping roller-coaster that pushes the boundaries of friendship, duty, and survival.

There Are Plans For Another Skyline Movie

The Skylines saga isn’t ending with just a trilogy. Buzz is circulating around the anticipated continuation of this captivating story. Fans and followers of the franchise can rejoice, as there’s chatter about another installment slated for a 2025 release.

While details remain under wraps, the prospect of delving deeper into the universe has enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Frank Grillo has said he is even interested in returning.

That said, if plans were to change and the forthcoming film doesn’t materialize, Skylines has already provided a fitting and compelling conclusion to a solid trilogy. 

Speculating about the next Skyline movie is exciting, given the universe’s potential to expand and evolve. 

With the Earth somewhat stabilized after the events of Skylines, the story could further delve into the expansive universe. New planets, teeming with unknown life forms, could be discovered, presenting both opportunities and threats. As the survivors of Earth venture into the cosmos, they might seek alliances with other civilizations to fortify against shared adversaries.

Another angle could be the discovery of remnants of the alien race that had previously wreaked havoc on Earth. The survivors might unearth secrets about their adversaries, leading to potential reconciliations or fresh conflicts. Delving deeper into the origins and motivations of the aliens could add layers of complexity and empathy to the narrative.

On a more personal note, characters that survived the past ordeals might face internal struggles. The trauma of previous battles, combined with the challenges of navigating an expansive universe, could take a toll on their mental well-being. New characters, potentially from other civilizations, could be introduced, bringing with them unique skill sets, philosophies, and technologies.

The franchise has adeptly blended action, suspense, and science fiction, leaving a lasting imprint on its audience. Whether it continues or concludes, Skylines has undoubtedly carved out its niche in the realm of sci-fi cinema.

Skylines offers a thrilling continuation of a saga that has captured the imaginations of sci-fi enthusiasts worldwide. As the third installment of the franchise, it takes viewers on an exhilarating journey of survival, resilience, and discovery.

With a universe as expansive and intricate as that of Skyline, there’s no telling where the story might lead next, especially with potential future sequels on the horizon.

For now, fans can immerse themselves in the spectacle and drama of Skylines on Netflix, savoring the evolution of a story that promises to remain a mainstay in contemporary sci-fi cinema. Dive in and let the celestial odyssey unfold.