Lucifer Fans Rejoice After Star Joins New Netflix Series

By Em Helena | Published

Tom Ellis, known for his performance as Lucifer Morningstar in Fox’s fantasy series Lucifer, has recently joined the cast of a new and upcoming Netflix film. Inspired by Richard Osman’s popular novel titled The Thursday Murder Club, fans are ecstatic to see that Ellis has joined this exciting adaptation.

Tom Ellis Joins The Very British Cast

Filming has already been well underway for the anticipated crime-comedy, with Chris Columbus, known for directing Home Alone and the first two Harry Potter movies, sitting at the helm. The A-list director also procured an A-list cast for this new Netflix project, securing big names like Helen Mirren, David Tennant, Pierce Brosnan, Jonathan Pryce, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, and, of course, Tom Ellis. Richard Osman gleefully commented  that the cast is “the greatest British cast assembled since the [Harry Potter] movies.”

No Word On Who Tom Ellis Will Be Playing

The Thursday Murder Club film will be one of the newest titles released under the partnership of Netflix and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. The film will revolve around four unlikely crime-loving friends living in a peaceful retirement home and what happens when they are thrust into a real-life murder investigation.

While some of the casting decisions have been revealed, it is unknown what role Tom Ellis will play in this Netflix film. However, it is confirmed that Helen Mirren, Ben Kingsley, Pierce Brosnan, and Celia Imrie are set to play the core four characters.

The World Needs More Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis Lucifer

Although not cast as a main character, fans of Tom Ellis are crossing their fingers that he will play a prominent role in this Netflix film adaptation. Since the controversial ending of Lucifer almost three years ago, Ellis has not really been on anyone’s radar. He made headlines this January for having reservations about a hypothetical Lucifer revival, but ever since Netflix confirmed Tom Ellis would be joining the new project’s A-list cast, fans have been talking about him nonstop. 

The Series Was Saved By Netflix

Tom Ellis Lucifer

For those who did not watch any of the six seasons of Lucifer and don’t understand the hype around Tom Ellis joining this Netflix project, there is hope for you yet. Currently, all six seasons of Fox’s Lucifer are available to stream on Netflix, so you can catch up on why so many viewers fawn over Tom Ellis and maybe join them while you’re at it.

Another Netflix Series Graced By Tom Ellis

Other projects are also on the horizon for Tom Ellis. Along with this new venture, Tom Ellis will also be joining Netflix’s soon-to-be-released animation Exploding Kittens, which is inspired by the hilarious card game. He will also soon be joining season two of Hulu’s Tell Me Lies as well as co-starring with Emma Roberts in Hulu’s Second Wife

As for more information on Netflix’s The Thursday Murder Club, the announcement of Tom Ellis’ casting has been the last concrete update received. Following that of Richard Osman confirming that the Netflix film will have a cinema release before it has a streaming release. Fans patiently wait for an update on the official release dates, but it is unclear how long it will be until it is made public.