She-Hulk’s First Trailer Is Here, Has Her Teamed Up With An Avenger

By Josh Tyler | 1 month ago

The next big Marvel series coming to Disney+ is called She-Hulk and as the title suggests, it’s about a woman who gets the powers of a Hulk. Her name is Jennifer Walters and she’s actually a relative of Bruce Banner, which probably explains why he’s in the trailer a lot, mentoring her and showing her how to smash things.

Here’s the first ever trailer for She-Hulk:

Tatiana Maslany had previously endeared herself to genre fans as the star of the science fiction series Orphan Black. In that show, she played a series of clones with a wide variety of personalities. After that, playing some green lady who likes to smash stuff but also happens to be a lawyer by day should be easy.

When it comes to how Tatiana looks as She-Hulk, well she doesn’t. It seems clear from the She-Hulk trailer that any time her character goes Hulk she’ll probably be in CGI and it’s not really Tatiana on screen. Presumably she’s in a mo-cap suit somewhere making a lot of the motions the animators used as a guide. However, some of the She-Hulk CGI shots in the trailer actually aren’t very good, likely because they hadn’t finished them yet. If they aren’t finished, you have to wonder why they’d put them in a trailer at all. Maybe it’s the best they could do.

This shot was particularly bad…

she-hulk trailer screencap

Now that you’ve seen the She-Hulk trailer you’re probably ready to start watching. Bad news, you’ll have to wait awhile. She-Hulk doesn’t arrive on Disney+ until August 17th.