Selma Blair Is Now Performing Blindfolded

Selma Blair has to wear a blindfold while on Dancing with the Stars because of sensory overload.

By James Brizuela | Published

For those wondering what may have happened to Selma Blair, on account of her not acting in anything recently, the woman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in October of 2018. Though she has been dealing with this disease, it has not stopped her, especially now that she is on Dancing with the Stars. Based on her disease, Blair has had to dance blindfolded, as she states that she gets “sensory overload” from the crowd and noise while shooting the popular competition series.

Selma Blair and her dancing partner danced to Sheena Easton’s, “For Your Eyes Only.” Each pair participating in this episode of Dancing with the Stars had to do so to music that had been featured in any of the James Bond films. The dance that Blair engaged in with Sasha Farber is the Rumba, which goes to show how much more difficult it is to have been blindfolded.

Despite Selma Blair having to have been blindfolded for the Rumba and having multiple sclerosis, Len Goodman said that she has “great control.” We certainly applaud Blair for being able to dance so well alone, but adding a blindfold to the mix would trip anyone up. Although she had been blindfolded for their dance, she and her dancing partner were not sent home at the end of this episode.

As far as scoring goes, Selma Blair and her partner were given a 28/40 score, landing the pair in the top 10 for competitors his week. Again, this is a huge achievement and one that has certainly shocked everyone watching this season. Not just because Blair is blindfolded and dancing, but because dancing of this caliber has to be tough already.

Dancing with the Stars began in 2005, and was based on the British series, Strictly Come Dancing. The dance competition series sees a celebrity paired with a professional dancer, as they attempt to learn some of the most difficult dances. The series is now in its 31st season and features celebrities Selma Blair, Wayne Brady, and Vinny Guadagnino.

selma blair another life

Though Selma Blair officially revealed her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2018, she still held many acting roles well into last year. She had a recurring role in the science fiction series Another Life, she appeared in the Lost in Space reboot, and starred in A Dark Foe, After We Collided, and Far More. Far More was her last acting role in 2021, but with her being able to dance blindfolded, we would hope it gives her the drive to return to the world of acting.

Selma Blair has certainly impressed the world and us after she showed her fantastic dancing skills all while wearing a blindfold, with dancing already being quite tough on its own. If that is not enough to showcase the dedication that Blair has to entertainment, we don’t know what is. We hope to see her go far in Dancing with the Stars, and for now, she is safe from elimination for at least another week after placing top 10 in points or the James Bond episode.