See Robert Downey Jr. As A Jedi Master For Jon Favreau’s Upcoming Star Wars Movie

Robert Downey Jr has been turned into a Jedi Master in a new piece of fan art.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

robert downey jr.

A new piece of fan art on Instagram shows what Robert Downey Jr could potentially look like if cast in a Star Wars movie, which we reported two weeks ago. The image depicts Downey as a Jedi, one of the guardians of peace and justice prominent in all iterations of Star Wars. Though the picture doesn’t say for certain, it’s safe to assume that due to his age, Robert Downey Jr would be portraying either a Jedi Knight or Master if his character is indeed part of the Jedi Order.

While there has been no official news of Robert Downey Jr collaborating with frequent partner John Favreau on a new Star Wars project, through our sources we have reported that negotiations are underway. Just the possibility of a Downey/Favreau Star Wars movie has fans speculating wildly over who the Iron Man star would play in the Star Wars universe.

If Robert Downey Jr is playing a Jedi, there are plenty of characters who haven’t yet made their live-action debuts to choose from. One popular choice would be Kanan Jarrus from Rebels. Even though Freddie Prinz Jr.–an accomplished actor in his own right–voiced Kanan in the cartoon, it’s entirely possible that John Favreau would cast Robert Downey Jr. in the role for his star power.

After all the media and fan backlash against The Rise of Skywalker, Disney needs all the goodwill it can muster to get people back into theaters for another Star Wars film. An actor of Robert Downey Jr’s caliber would generate that goodwill.

robert downey jr

Another possibility could be Darth Revan, the fallen Jedi turned sith lord made popular in the Knights of The Old Republic series of video games. If the movie is set in the years leading up to the Star Wars sequel trilogy, like John Favreau’s popular Disney+ series The Mandalorian, Downey could be playing one of the Jedi from Luke Skywalker’s failed Jedi academy. It’s possible Robert Downey Jr could be cast as a different kind of force user altogether.

While the MCU star prefers focusing on quippy smart alecks like Tony Stark, he is capable of displaying a dark side that would be perfect for fan favorite Sith Lord Darth Bane.

There’s a good chance that Robert Downey Jr could play a different kind of character entirely. Given Tony Stark’s roguish demeanor, it’s not farfetched to imagine the actor playing one of the seedier characters that reside in the criminal underground of Star Wars. Perhaps Downey would be better suited to playing a smuggler like Han Solo or a bounty hunter in the same vein as Boba Fett.

Maybe John Favreau will go the prequel route and cast Robert Downey Jr as the never-seen father of Star Wars mainstay Han Solo. A film featuring Downey as Han senior, along with Alden Einrich reprising his role from Solo, could be box office gold. Perhaps Favreau could even coax Downey’s Avengers co-star Don Cheadle over to the franchise as the father of Lando Calrissian to bounce off the elder Solo.

When it comes to Robert Downey Jr’s inclusion in the Star Wars universe, the possibilities are endless.