Disney’s Biggest Star Wars Project Is Doing Awful

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser is now offering non-Disney Vacation Club members discounts for the first time.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

star wars hotel

The Star Wars hotel at Disney World is failing to attract guests less than a year after opening its doors. Now, the company is reducing rates to prevent the Galactic Starcruiser from crashing. This month, the entertainment giant offered discounts to non-Disney Vacation Club members for the first time. Guests with a reservation can save $700 if they book another trip at another Disney resort.

According to SF Gate, the biggest discounts of $350 per night can be earned by packaging a Star Wars hotel stay with additional nights at the Beach Club, Grand Floridian, or Yacht Club resorts. The offer is valid from February 5 to September 30. However, some dates in between are not applicable. Despite offering just 100 rooms, until May only Presidents’ Day weekend is fully booked.

Unfortunately, Disney learned the spending limits of Star Wars fans the hard way with the failing hotel. Coupled with soaring inflation and the rising cost of living, the future of the project remains uncertain. However, there were a few warning signs when the hotel was first advertised. People were astonished at the cost, calling the price tag per guest wildly expensive.

The cheapest two-night stays at the Star Wars hotel were originally priced at $5,000 for two guests. For a family of four, the price was closer to $6,000. Additionally, folks are limited to exactly two nights since the Starcruiser storyline only spans two days. Despite being immersed in the far away galaxy, guests felt the experience didn’t match the cost.

Additionally, most people said the experience didn’t come close to the high expectations set by Disney. Although the Star Wars hotel is a luxury cruise ship, the story is set in space. That means rooms are tiny with no windows which makes one feel like they’re staying in a bunker. The lack of a pool and other standard amenities in luxury hotels was also surprising given the cost.

The Star Wars hotel was a hit a first, selling out consistently in the months after its launch, The Street reports. While expensive, folks with cash to spare stayed in cabins or suites with an exquisite view of space. Guests also had the chance to interact with a collection of characters from the franchise and feast on exotic galactic cuisine.

There are also a few secret missions to enjoy. As the itinerary continues, guests at the Star Wars hotel take the story further and deeper. After choosing a path, folks can seek out the inner workings of the legendary ship, learn the traditional art of wielding a lightsaber, and even take transport to the planet Batuu, where the mission continues at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

But once the die-hard fans had exhausted their budgets, they were not likely to repeat the trip, especially at $5,000 for two nights. Almost 12 months later, it seems like Disney has exhausted the potential audience for its Star Wars hotel.

Along with price cuts, the company has canceled several Galactic Starcruiser voyages for select dates in July, August, and September due to low occupancy. Affected guests have been contacted and offered alternate dates at the Star Wars hotel with a 50 percent reduction, Theme Park Tourist reports.