Twin Peaks: Before The New Episodes, You Can Fill In The Gaps With This Book

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

twin peaksFans of David Lynch’s short-lived, hugely influential series Twin Peaks got some incredible news the other day when it was announced that the show will return for new episodes after being cancelled by ABC back in 1991. But that’s not where this story ends, however, as it was announced that a new book, written by co-creator Mark Frost, will fill in the gaps in the lives of the characters from 1991 until now.

Frost’s novel, The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks, is scheduled to hit bookstore shelves in late 2015, and will be published by Flatiron Books, a subsidiary imprint of Macmillan. This is well ahead of the airdate for the nine-episode season that will debut on Showtime, and will give fans plenty of time to catch up with the characters and find out what they’ve been up to for the last two-and-a-half decades. I hope there are midnight release parties in the vein of the ones for the Harry Potter books. There can be costumes and damn fine coffee and cherry pie. Sounds like fun to us.

The new episodes aren’t a remake reboot, but pick up with the town in the modern day. Secret Lives “reveals what has happened to the people of that iconic fictional town since we last saw them 25 years ago,” according to reports. Given all of the events that transpired in just those two short years, you can imagine what these folks have been getting up to with all of that extra time on their hands.

The novel will also offer, “a deeper glimpse into the central mystery that was only touched on by the original series.” That makes it sound like they’re really going to dig into the story in a way that the show didn’t, or at least wasn’t able to. We’ll likely get some perspectives on the events that we didn’t before, and perhaps some new information will come to light, which should be interesting.

twin peaksLynch and Frost are working on the scripts for the Showtime run right now, and Lynch will also reportedly direct each installment, which is another reason for fans to get excited. He’s been active doing random David Lynch-style weird stuff lately, but hasn’t directed anything proper since Inland Empire back in 2006. Kyle MacLachlan is also expected to be back as Special Agent Dale Cooper.

I’m curious to see where they film this new season. Twin Peaks shot primarily in a small town called North Bend outside of Seattle (Lynch is a Washington native), which has that perfect, creepy small town vibe. For years, any time anyone has ever come to visit from out of town, they always want to go do the Twin Peaks tour, which includes the iconic diner. Over the past decade or so, as the show has shrunk farther and farther into the rearview, the presence of the show decreased as well. Last time I went to the café, they had even gotten rid of the last bit of memorabilia. So, on a personal level, I hope the show returns to its original location and infuse a weird small town with small town weirdness once again.