Fans Want Matthew Lillard To Lead His Own TV Show

Fans want Matthew Lillard to lead his own TV show!

By Carolyn Jenkins | Updated

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Cult actors from the 90’s certainly don’t get a lot of respect. There are many actors that fall out of favor after their heyday. The sun only shines on young actors for so long. Teen soap The O.C. was outrageously popular at the time and some of the actors struggle to get work. Adam Brody has only recently been showing back up in critically acclaimed films. But one actor in particular seems to be sidelined. Likewise, Matthew Lillard was wildly successful in his youth. He appealed in cult classic movies such as SLC Punk and Serial Mom. Recently fans have considered this a missed opportunity. Lillard appealed to many with his humor and affability. Now more than ever seems like a good opportunity to lead his own television show.

There is room for Lillard to make a comeback, although there may be a reason why he hasn’t been in any live action. His most prolific role to date is Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo. Everyone remembers the two live action films from the early aughts. What fans may not know is that the original screenplay was not intended for children. Written by James Gunn, the film was intended to be rated R and to be a more mature look at the children’s cartoon. However the film was heavily rewritten and the subject matter was toned down.

Matthew Lillard has continued with Scooby-Doo and many of his credits now include voicing Shaggy in the cartoon. He took over as the iconic voice after the death of original voice actor Casey Kasem. But one of Lillard’s most popular roles is Stu in the Scream franchise. With Scream 5 premiering in January, it would have been a great opportunity for Lillard and Skeet Ulrich to reprise their roles in some capacity, regardless of their on-screen deaths. 

While Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard co-starred as the killers in Scream, they were not always on the same page. Ulrich recently came out to say he didn’t understand why Lillard was being funny in the original film. But with a new generation of teens could promise something on the horizon. Ulrich was cast as FP Jones in the CW teen mystery Riverdale. Ulrich left after the fourth season, which would be a perfect opportunity for Lillard to return to television. Riverdale is full of camp and would be a great fit for him. With the sudden and tragic passing of Luke Perry, there is room for additional adults on the series. After the seven year time jump, the teens of Riverdale have segued into adults. While their parents are on the show less and less, other adults would be a great addition.

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Matthew Lillard has experience with campy material. His performance in Thirteen Ghosts was frightening as it was entertaining. Now moving onto the sixth season of the show, Riverdale is in need of new blood. Casting Lillard would be a meta choice which is what the show does best. There are interesting things on the horizon for Lillard, even if this doesn’t come to fruition. His appearances in Twin Peaks: The Return and Bosch were captivating. He has also been announced to appear in a new film titled One Heart. The film is based on a true story about a football team comprised of juvenile delinquents. If nothing else, fans can see Lillard on the big screen in the near future.