So Now What? Five Streaming Shows To Soothe Your Doctor Who Withdrawals

We've survived The Day of the Doctor -- where to next?

By David Wharton | Updated

Today Doctor Who fans all over the world finally got to see the much-ballyhooed 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. Since I’m writing this some time before I finally sat down to watch it, I’ve got no idea what surprises the special has to offer, aside from the ones already revealed. I’m going to guess it will probably have plenty of thrills, possibly some chills. I’m pretty much certain it will make us laugh, quite likely everytime David Tennant and Matt Smith are onscreen together. I will probably get a little choked up somewhere toward the end of it.

But after all these months of anticipation, there’s bound to be a sense of anti-climactic frustration. Now that we’ve seen The Day of the Doctor, the wait for the Christmas special — and with it, a new Doctor — has begun. So now what? I know several Who noobies who have been frantically marathoning their way through at least the modern episodes of the show so they’d be caught up in time for the special. If that’s you, or if you’re just a loyal fan looking for a new bit of entertainment (or an old one to revisit), here are several excellent choices to fill your eyeholes with. And they’re all available streaming online, because that’s just how much we love you.

ContinuumContinuum (Netflix Instant)
The Canadian science fiction series Continuum will give you more time travel-y goodness, but in a much more limited way. There will be no hopping around the timestream willy-nilly in the style of the Doctor and his TARDIS. No, instead Continuum’s big time travel moment is the inciting incident for the story that follows. Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) is a cop in 2077, a time when corporations are largely replacing governments as the power structures of society. When a group of condemned criminals (or rebels, depending on your POV) attempt to escape to the past, Cameron accidentally finds herself stranded in 2012 Vancouver along with them. Posing as a cop from our present, she sets out trying to find a way home, and to stop the rebels from altering her history. The first season is so-so, but things really get fun in season two. And if you get hooked, you’re in good shape — it’s been renewed for a third season in Canada, and it will likely follow the footsteps of the first two seasons and premiere on Syfy here in the States sometime in 2014.

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