Star Trek Into Darkness Will Explore Parts Of The Enterprise You’ve Never Seen Before

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EnterpriseIn a few short weeks, Star Trek Into Darkness will open in theaters in the United States. Its release will culminate four years of news, rumors, and speculation after audiences were dazzled after watching J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot movie in 2009. According to early international reviews, the sequel film will be well worth the wait.

In an interview with at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, the film’s screenwriter and producer Damon Lindelof talked about why Star Trek Into Darkness was delayed for a 2013 release date instead of a 2012 date like Paramount initially wanted. J.J. Abrams has often said that he wanted to get Star Trek Into Darkness “right” before releasing it to general audiences, but apparently, it had to do with general laziness. Lindelof revealed:

“I think that script issues is an all-encompassing way of saying we were enormously lazy in getting together. I think that JJ, who has like nine different television shows and a whole movie company that he’s running. He directed Super 8, so he wasn’t really available creatively to Bob and Alex and I. They were off doing something. I was finishing up the last two seasons of Lost and doing Prometheus. So there was this sort of golden period when all of us were together, just like we were in the first movie. We felt like that’s the way it has to work, we couldn’t work piecemeal. We all have to get into a room together and figure out what Trek 2 is going to be. We had talked about it a little bit while we were working on Trek 1. But I don’t think that period really presented itself to us until about a year and a half had gone by after the release of the first one. So we were playing from behind.”

Damon Lindelof also offered up what fans can expect from the new Star Trek movie, in terms of Star Trek technology. In the first film, Abrams, Lindelof, and crew explored Red Matter, Black Holes, and Warp Drive, so would fans see any new technology in Star Trek Into Darkness. Lindelof admitted:

“I don’t want to give away too much in terms of what surprises the movie has to offer. But I do think what’s cool about Trek is it’s not sci-fi fantasy. We view it as hardcore sci-fi. So you want there to be some sort of technological explanation behind everything. And one of the things that J.J. has been really interested in is to explain and show how the Enterprise works. We will be exploring sections of the ship, the Enterprise, that we’ve never seen before. And I think that will be really cool.”

If the technology and science in Star Trek Into Darkness will feature more of the U.S.S. Enterprise underwater, then we might be in for a bumpy ride this May. Star Trek has always been a great source of science technology, even if it is rooted in science fiction. Throughout the years, there have been many accounts of scientists and engineers trying to create things using Star Trek’s technology including Replicators, Warp Drive technology, and tractor beams.

Star Trek Into Darkness will beam into theaters on May 17th, in 3D and IMAX.

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