Eight Things We (Sorta) Hope Are Blocking The World’s Biggest Subterranean Drill

My fingers are crossed for "ancient crashed starship."

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

infinity mirror
The Mirror Universe
What if it isn’t just one thing the drill is running up against, but an entire mirror universe of things? I mean, I guess technically it would be running into itself, which is just one thing, but you know what I mean. The real question is, what are the personality traits of those living in the reflective world? Are they all evil, or are there only enough evil people to match the good people in this dimension? Did Alfonso Cuaron make a film about anti-gravity? Does Captain Kirk actually talk too fast? There’s only one (or negative one) way to find out. Break on through to the other side. Where The Doors are actually a straight-edge group of attorneys.

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