Eight Things We (Sorta) Hope Are Blocking The World’s Biggest Subterranean Drill

My fingers are crossed for "ancient crashed starship."

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

InfernoThe Inferno from The Goonies
We’ll be keeping a close eye out to see if Corey Feldman or Josh Brolin signs on as a temporary employee on the Bertha team, because that could only mean one thing: somebody’s about to get rich. It’s possible what lay on the other side of the tunneling machine is some kind of a collapsible trap set by that bastard One-Eyed Willie, but if they’re only drilling through a hole in the side of the ship, then everyone would be able to afford to eat truffles as they do their truffle shuffles. Maybe I’m just not aware of the price of gold these days.

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