Eight Things We (Sorta) Hope Are Blocking The World’s Biggest Subterranean Drill

My fingers are crossed for "ancient crashed starship."

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

the missing linkAn Ice Block Containing Evolution’s Missing Link
Evolutionary scientists mostly agree that “missing link” is a foolish term that is too broad to describe the multitude of smaller genetic changes that have occurred over the years. There is no half-man/half-monkey, they say. But they never said anything about a third-man/third-monkey/third-fish, and that’s exactly what might be blocking Bertha right now, encased in the very same block of ice that the fish part of him used to call home before the Ice Age came and ruined things. There’s a good chance this would be a wonderful find rather than a dangerous one, but nobody’s sure at what point during evolution fish created the switchblade, so watch your necks, people.

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