These Sci-Fi Home Conversions Are Making Me Drool

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

DivorceVisit the home of any self-respecting science fiction fan and the telltale signs will be there. The shelves packed to bursting with books about strange new worlds. Full runs of Star Trek, Farscape, and Babylon 5 tucked away in the TV room. Perhaps even some prop replicas from the genre’s most memorable outings given a place of honor up on the wall. But for fans whose passion is equaled by their disposable income, things must be taken to the next level. Because why have a boring old basic media room when you could instead have the command deck of the Enterprise, complete with comfy chairs?

Just about a year ago we reported the story of Tony Alleyne, a British chap who had spent years converting his apartment into something straight out of Star Trek, only to have it become a sticking point in his divorce. (That’s him up top.) See, the apartment actually belonged to his ex, and now that they were divorcing, she wanted to sell it as a “conventional property.” Ouch. Hopefully the rest of these folks are either single, happily together in a stable relationship, or packing an ironclad pre-nup. It’d be a damn shame if the lawyers had to get involved in this gorgeous TARDIS control room replica, which Jayman White spent a year making. He even put in the round things! (What are the round things?)



As cool as the TARDIS room is, I am ridiculously, slobberingly envious of this Star Wars-themed home theater, complete with six flat-panel HDTVs, touchscreen remotes, a fiber-optic starscape across the ceiling, and talking replicas of C-3PO and R2-D2.



That one wasn’t a home project they cobbled together on weekends, however; it was designed and built by Acoustic Innovations of Boca Raton, FL, and I’m going to guess that the final bill enough to purchase Cuba and turn it into a water park. For the record, the home that houses this beauty looks like this:


Yeah. That’s no moon…

Then there’s this setup belonging to Dr. David Winn, who decided his sci-fi prop collection deserved a proper place to display them. The result was this “aliens in captivity” theater featuring a whopping 144-inch screen nestled in between a detained Predator and a Gill-man. Hey, it’s probably still a better gig than working Jabba’s sail barge.



Honestly, we could keep at this all day, but the more of these I write about the more I keep eyeballing the walls of my home and wondering if they’re load bearing or if I can knock them down to make some extra room. You’ll have to carry on without me, so check out other home theaters themed after Star Trek



The Next Generation



The Matrix


…and Star Wars yet again.


But this one…this one is my favorite for one simple reason. “It’s bigger on the inside!”