Riddick’s Flirting Technique Is A Little Unnerving In Two New Clips

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Let the deluge of Riddick deluge begin. Since San Diego Comic-Con last month, we’ve had a steady, but relatively subdued amount of new material for Vin Diesel and David Twohy’s long-gestating passion project. But with a little more than a week until the September 6 release date, the clip of Riddick saving a space puppy from a monster that debuted yesterday, and two new clips today, it looks like we’re gearing up for that final push to the finish line.

The first clip is a quick bit of flirting between the muscle-bound space outlaw and Dahl, the tough as nails bounty hunter played by Katee Sackhoff. Because they’re both such total hard cases, this isn’t your typical kind of courtship. No, their playful banter is terrifying. For most of us, if we were trying to pick someone up at a bar, we wouldn’t make the idea of killing everyone around us a key ingredient of our courtship ritual. But then again, we’re not Riddick, and we’re not trying to hook up with a badass intergalactic mercenary with wicked sniper skills. At least I’m not. Maybe you are, I don’t know where you hang out.

Though the next clip is technically new, it will seem very, very familiar if you’ve been paying attention. It’s basically an extended version of the clip that first surfaced in the red band trailer. We’ve seen Riddick kick the machete through Jordi Molla’s head multiple times, including in much more graphic detail—considering the R-rating, I’m sure we’ll get the full view in the finished film—but you may be struck by how much it looks like he’s playing hacky-sack with the shiny, razor-sharp blade.

Not only does this clip drive home the point that, if you’re fortunate enough to get Riddick in chains, do not, under any circumstances, let him out. And even then, you’ll want to be keeping a safe distance, because as you can plainly see, the guy can kill you with just about anything under however many suns there are around whatever world you happen to be standing on. The chains really just give you a false sense of security, make him mad, and are probably going to get your throat slit in an unceremonious manner.

September is commonly known as a dead zone when it comes to big movie releases. We all saw how much ass Dredd kicked last September, but how little love it got at the box office. Hopefully Riddick fares better than its predecessor. Next Friday is close enough to the key summer season that it still feels like a big summer movie, and there isn’t going to be much in the way of competition. If that translates into big business, Twohy and Diesel have already come out and said that they have plans for multiple “Furyan Chronicle” films in the future.

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