Vin Diesel Making A Riddick TV Series

Vin Diesel has a new TV series set around his favorite sci-fi character, Riddick.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Is it time for new Riddick stories? Vin Diesel has been promising us more Riddick for a while. Now, it sounds like he is working on bringing a new series to streaming for the franchise. 

The news comes from We Got This Covered, who say that the project is something different from the ones Vin Diesel has promised before. The story will take place after the most recent Riddick movie. They aren’t sure where the project will land. In the past, his production company, One Race Films, has worked with NBCUniversal on Fast & Furious and Riddick projects. NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, Peacock, then seems like a likely place for the project to land. 

Don’t expect to see that happen anytime soon, though. We’ve been waiting on Riddick 4: Furya for many years at this point. It’s hard not to believe it will happen with all of Vin Diesel’s enthusiasm behind the project, but it will take time. 

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Some people may question why Vin Diesel is investing his time in this project. When you think of Vin Diesel, you likely think Fast & Furious. He hit big with the first film in the series in 2001. Only one year prior, he’d been in the indie sci-fi movie, Pitch Black, where he played Richard B. Riddick. While Pitch Black was a sci-fi indie success, the next two films in the series didn’t do very well financially. In the time since Pitch Black, he has been a part of Guardians of the Galaxy, xXx, and developed his production company One Race Films. In short: he’s become a very big deal. He currently has a long list of movies on his schedule. Why invest in Riddick?

The pandemic has a lot of people reevaluating their priorities. With the Fast & Furious franchise wrapping up, Vin Diesel must be thinking about what’s most important to him. He’s never been shy about his love for Riddick. Seven years ago, we saw him dancing with joy to Katy Perry and Beyoncé as he announced more Riddick films. 

One of the great things about the streaming revolution has been that there is more room for television series that reach a niche audience. This means more room for passion projects, even for megastars like Vin Diesel.

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Even with how the pandemic has slowed things down, Vin Diesel has a lot of projects on his schedule. He is clearly someone who can juggle a lot of work at one time, but the Riddick 4: Furya script was announced as completed less than a year ago, after being talked about since 2014. While that may indicate there could be an exceptionally long wait for the series, the hopeful fans among us may believe that working with a streaming service could hurry things along. If the deal is made with NBCUniversal, wouldn’t they want to catch up with the other streaming services by providing us with more original content and incentive to subscribe as soon as they could?

We’ll be watching to see what happens with Vin Diesel and his dreams for more Richard B. Riddick.