Riddick Pictures: Beefy Dudes And A Little Katee Sackhoff

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

RiddickFeatHow is Riddick still almost three months away? The amount of banners, trailers, posters, and interviews we’ve had this week alone is enough to make you think you should be able to see it this weekend, the Fourth of July at the latest. Sadly, no, no beefy, seeing-in-the-dark space-badass until September 6. But dry your eyes, little troopers, because there are a ton of new photos from the set of the film. Hopefully that takes away some of the sting of having to wait until almost fall to lay eyes on this.

Because most of the movie revolves around big manly men doing big manly man things in space, I’m willing to bet you could accurately guess the subject matter of most of these photos from Collider. That’s right: giant, tough-looking guys fighting monsters and each other. And scowling, so much scowling. Do they find joy in nothing?

There are also a few choice shots of Katee Sackhoff, who represents more or less the sole female presence in this, the third film in the trilogy that began with Pitch Black (and hit a speed bump with Chronicles of Riddick). If there’s one thing we know about Sackhoff, she can hold her own with the boys.

My personal favorite photo happens to be the one of star Vin Diesel, or at least a similar-looking stunt man, leaping across the frame like some sort of wild beast. That’s a good time right there. Between that and another nice look at Riddick’s alien dog buddy, you have my permission to get stoked about Riddick.

Also pictured are the likes of Dave Bautista, Bokeem Woodbine, Jordi Molla, and more. You can check out ever bigger, even high-def-ier versions of many of the pictures over at Collider.