Looper Interactive Trailer Uncovers Behind-The-Scene Footage And New Interviews

By Rudie Obias | Updated

Rian Johnson’s new sci-fi film Looper promises to be a thrilling and complex time-travel movie. Sony has released a new interactive trailer featuring behind-the-scenes photos and interviews with the director and actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt. While the earlier trailers have explained the rules of time travel, the film’s plot, and the objective of both versions of the film’s protagonist, Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis), this interactive version provides a much deeper understanding of the world of Looper.

The interactive trailer, itself, is only 2:49 minutes long but it’s split into six separate segments, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the movie. After you watch the cast and director interviews, you’ll get a chance to interact with the various objects of the film including its weapons and a pocket watch. Before you can go back to watching the trailer, you’ll have to answer a question about being a Looper, a hired assassin. The object of the interactive trailer is to collect all six silver bars to unlock the six different segments of bonus features. It sounds like a pain, but it’s actually really fun and engaging. You can check out the interactive trailer on Looper’s official website.

From all the promotional material released, it looks like Rian Johnson has created something special with Looper. The interactive trailer just affirms how complex and detailed he has made this film. We’ll see on September 28th when Looper hits theaters everywhere.