Lego Invades Theatrical Posters For Prometheus, Inception And More

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

inceptionWe’ve featured some of the most mind-numbingly awesome Lego creations on this site in the past, because Legos remain cool while other toys go the way of the dinosaurs. (But not, incidentally, the way of dinosaur-inspired Minecraft creations.)

And since building-block creations are always more fun with movie tie-ins, here are a handful of Lego-tized theatrical posters for your viewing pleasure. Though there are a bunch more, these are the ones concerning themselves with the science fiction genre. Sadly, no creators are named, so it’s unclear whether this is the work of one person or an entire community. (Or even one miniature figure with Photoshop.) Take a look at more below and contemplate how much better Cowboys and Aliens would have been as a Lego movie.

c&aMaybe similar contemplative thought could be had about Michael Bay’s high-grossing sequel.


ialNot sure if a blocky dog would have helped out Will Smith fight computer-generated everything in I Am Legend, but it would have at least added something inventive to the storyline.

promThis Prometheus image is definitely my favorite. Even a giant, round Lego head is still a frighteningly ominous thing to find when you’re looking around on a seemingly deserted planet.

And because this poster actually utilizes the aesthetic the best, I’ve included the below item. This seems like a much easier rock formation to climb your way out of.