Guillermo Del Toro Already Thinking About Pacific Rim 2, Gotta Love His Gumption

By Rudie Obias | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Gipsy DangerWith the disappointing domestic box office for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, it’s still unclear if Warner Bros. or Legendary Pictures would ever make a sequel. Pacific Rim has so far grossed around $180 million worldwide, against a $190 million production budget, and was number one internationally over the weekend. The flick received a mostly positive critical response, with it currently sitting at 72% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but the chances of a sequel still seem uncertain at this point. Nevertheless, director Guillermo del Toro is happy with the final version of Pacific Rim and has big plans for its sequel.


In an interview with MTV, Guillermo del Toro gave a few hints at what he’d like to see in a theoretical Pacific Rim 2. Unsurprisingly, he wants bigger Kaiju and bigger Jaegers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Del Toro explains:

‘I’ll tell you a couple of things. We will have Gipsy 2.0 for sure. Second thing is you’re gonna see a merging of Kaiju and Jaeger. And that is quite special.’ He continued, ‘Just think about it for a second. We sent Gipsy to the other side, right? It exploded, but whatever remains stays there. We’ve drifted with a Kaiju brain. Well, then start riffing on that and you’ll get to something.’

While del Toro’s ideas for a Kaiju/Jaeger hybrid sound cool, it remains to be seen whether Pacific Rim 2 will ever get a sequel. Perhaps Pacific Rim will continue in the form of comic books, video games, or animated series. Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham was already working on the script for a Pacific Rim sequel with Guillermo del Toro, but it’s unclear how far into it they got.

Del Toro has also started that Pacific Rim 2 would be shot natively in 3D, unlike the original film. The decision to up-convert Pacific Rim to 3D came weeks after the film wrapped production. At first, del Toro was against the 3D up-conversion, but was later won over by 3D’s advantages.

While Pacific Rim didn’t live up to expectations, the film will most likely perform well when it’s released on Blu-ray/DVD. Although the ideal way to watch Pacific Rim is on the biggest screen possible, most people will be content to watch it in the comfort of their own home. Maybe if Pacific Rim is a bestseller, perhaps Warner Bros. or Legendary Pictures might make the Pacific Rim sequel after all.