Full-Size LEGO X-Wing And Facehugger Show Off The Power Of Little Plastic Blocks

By Brent McKnight | Published

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LEGO X-WingLEGOs are great. They’re one of the best toys ever invented, but damn there’s a whole different world out there than when I was a kid. I kept my collection, a random assortment of sets and blocks that I pieced together from garage sales and hand-me-downs, in a big sack. Nowadays, however, all bets are off. Need proof of the crazy things people are doing with little stackable plastic blocks? Look no further than this massive, life-sized recreation of an X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars, or the intricately detailed Alien facehugger below.

In order to celebrate the upcoming release of the animated series Yoda Chronicles, the LEGO Group crafted this X-Wing replica, which is the “largest Lego structure ever assembled.” An internal steel skeleton supports a model that is 43 feet long, 44 wide, 11 tall, weighs more than 46,000 pounds, and contains more than 5.3 million individual blocks. All in all, it took 32 builders over four months to put it together. The engines also light up and there are sound effects.

Believe it or not, this behemoth is just a blown-up version of the kit you can buy at your local toy store. Originally put together in the Czech Republic, you can now find the creation on display in Times Square in New York. In a few days the model will begin the trek to California, where it will remain for the rest of the year.

From that epic scale, we jump now to something smaller, but no less impressive. Okay, it’s a little less impressive, just because it doesn’t involve millions of bricks. Deviant Artist al13n163na has put together this incredible model of the facehugger from Ridley Scott’s Alien. This is pretty intense and intricate, and with fully articulated legs, it can actually latch onto your face. Let’s hope he didn’t go so far as to make it capable of impregnating you with a little alien baby that will eventually erupt through your sternum. That would be taking attention to detail a little too far.

LEGO Facehugger

LEGO Facehugger

LEGO Facehugger

LEGO Facehugger

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