In the Flesh Will Debut On BBC America This Summer

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

In the FleshNow that The Walking Dead is in between seasons — instead of just in between different halves of a single season — we’re going to need something to keep our undead fixation in check. And while we’ve given quite a bit of coverage to the recently completed BBC zombie miniseries In the Flesh, the show hasn’t actually aired in America yet. But instead of throwing a bunch of tea in the river and complaining about it, we’ve just been waiting patiently until word dropped on when we’d get to see the show ourselves. I may have thrown a pack of tea on the ground though. Just one.

BBC America announced today that In the Flesh will shamble onto American soil on August 3, 2013, four fucking months from now. I suppose I could be grateful that the show is playing here at all, and that I’m not forced to go down some dangerous back alley — i.e. one of many different websites — in order to get a bootleg copy of the airings. But I’m still a tad peeved about it. I guess I need some kind of…anger management, right? Oh wait, the show is about zombie rehabilitation, not anger management. Scratch that.

In the Flesh, which centers on zombie teenager Kieran Walker (Luke Newberry) and his attempts to reinsert himself into the life he used to lead, the life that led him to suicide. After the zombie outbreak that followed his death was calmed, steps were taken to put the rehabbed undead, now called sufferers of “Partially Diseased Syndrome,” back into their regular life roles.

The show will be a part of BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday, which recently kicked off with the return of Doctor Who, the debut of the clone thriller Orphan Black, and the premiere of comedian Chris Hardwick’s televised extension of his hugely popular podcast, The Nerdist. In the Flesh will join the final season of Being Human, which the BBC announced will return on June 8, 2013.