In The Flesh Promo Asks If You Would Hide Your Partially Deceased Syndrome

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead is something of a ratings juggernaut, and the undead are popping up everywhere from teenage rom-coms to commercials for Doritos and automobiles. BBC Three is jumping on the bandwagon (full of walking corpses) with their new show In the Flesh.

From all appearances, the show is kind of the anti-Walking Dead. While America’s favorite zombie serial is bleak, grim, and takes place after society has collapsed completely, Britain’s entry into the canon is a different kind of animal. Civilization was able to withstand “The Rising,” and after four years, zombies have begun to reintegrate into the fold of humanity. In the process, the undead face all manner of prejudice and bigotry. This new video asks, “How you would react if you had Partially Deceased Syndrome?”

PDS sufferers are faced with an important decision. They must decide whether to live their lives out and open, as who they are, or hide the fact that they’re partially dead. That’s the kind of choice most of us like to think is obvious. But as the series’ stars Luke Newberry, Emily Bevan, and David Walmsley point out, it’s something you can never know for sure until you’re forced to pick one or the other. Like the best of the genre, In the Flesh attempts to take a shot at larger societal issues through the lens of metaphor.

In the Flesh follows the partially deceased Kieran Walker (Newberry) as he attempts to live his life in his small Lancashire town. As you can see from this video, he endures all manner of insults, slurs, and attacks, when all he wants is to be left alone.

In the Flesh is currently airing on BBC Three in the UK. No word yet when/if it will hop the Pond and come to the US, but if we were the betting sort we’d keep our eye on BBC America in coming months.