New After Earth Promo Images

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

I’ve gone over it in my head again and again, and I can’t think of what new piece of information about After Earth would make me want to drop everything I was doing to go see it. It’s a sci-fi apocalyptic tale. I like that. It’s got a small cast secluded in a new world with unknown enemies. I like that. I like Will Smith and have no problems with Jaden Smith yet, and Isabelle Fuhrman is looking like she’ll have a career I’ll be pleased to follow. But it’s a CGI extravaganza from M. Night Shyamalan and two co-screenwriters (says IMDB), which negates anything positive I may have felt.


So the new pieces of information currently not changing my mind about anything are two promo images released for the film, due out June 7, 2013. The first something of a majestic pose from Jaden Smith, presumably wearing the uniform that changes him into the Wile E. Coyote bat man we see in the trailer. And everything is forest green behind him, so it could almost be a Hunger Games promo image. Hey, Fuhrman was in that!


The second image is more ominous and gritty. Considering Shyamalan’s career, this image is probably just a photograph in a scene that has nothing to do with the plot. Though probably not. That looks like one of the double-bladed weapons used in the trailer, but this is a burly white guy’s hand holding it. Is it David Denman, from The Office and Traffic Light? Or does it belong to Kristofer Hivju, of The Thing and Game of Thrones fame? My money is on the second guy.

We’ll probably be inundated with new information about the flick as the next six months drag by. Though I don’t think I can stomach any more quotes from Shyamalan like, “Maybe the tag line should be, ‘If you loved Tree of Life and Jurassic Park, you’ll love After Earth.'”