Darth Vader Vs. Indiana Jones, The Shining’s Jack Torrance, And Albert Freakin’ Einstein

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

It’s been obvious for quite a while now that the Robot Chicken guys have a hold on the stop-motion Star Wars front. They’ve been adding non sequiturs to the franchise for years now, and they even have their own series in the works. So they get all the attention every other day of the week. Fine.

But today, and for the next few days at least, let us all enjoy the fabulousness that is French Canadian filmmaker Patrick Boivin’s “Please Don’t Use the Force” series of stop-motion shorts. They feature Darth Vader getting his ass handed to him by a trio of interesting characters. You’ve seen how Indiana Jones did it above, and while that was respectable enough, it didn’t really provide the axe-wielding presence that someone else might have given it.

So how would you like to see Jack Torrance from The Shining do the deed? All work and no play? Looks like fun to us, Jack. (shitty music to follow that shitty joke)

But neither of those comparable sacks of fictional shit can hold an e=mcandle2 to Albert Einstein reversing situations on the original Man in Black.

The original what now?

Anyway, here’s Einstein showing Darth Vader the power of the Force, for reals.

And the old man gets a taste of his own medicine. If only Lucas could have taken that in his youth. It’s been a while since we featured Boivin’s genius work. Here’s what we showed you before.