The Sci-Fi Thriller Secret Gem Slowly Finding Fans Everywhere

By Brian Myers | Published

  • Almost two years after its release, Monolith is finally finding its audience.
  • A podcaster unravels more than she bargained for by investigating mysterious, strange artifacts.
  • Monolith landed in U.S. movie theaters this February, with physical copies and streaming releases just around the corner.

Nearly 18 months after its premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival in Australia in the fall of 2022, the Monolith movie is finally beginning to gain traction with fans across the globe. In the months that followed the initial public showing, the film wasn’t seen again until March 2023, when it made its international debut at the SXSW Film Festival. This set off a flurry of film festival entries across the world, reaching diverse audiences and helping to generate a slow burn of appeal that is leading up to what could be a massively successful film.

Monolith Didn’t Receive A Wide Box Office Release In 2022

The Monolith movie was recently acquired for sale by XYZ in the United States and Blue Finch Films in the United Kingdom. While Blue Finch Films is handling the international distribution as well, this task was assigned to Well Go USA Entertainment in the North American market. Though the box office returns in both Australia and abroad have been scant, as they typically are in film festival releases, there are plenty of reasons for filmmakers to be optimistic about the film’s successes in the immediate future.

Amazon Australia just began streaming the Monolith movie. The film is also available on DVD in its home country, with DVD and Blu-ray releases internationally on the horizon. But the real boost to the film’s growing fanbase will likely occur in the United States in the coming months.

Monolith Comes To The States

The Monolith movie was released theatrically in the United States on February 16 and will be available on Blu-ray in the States on April 23. No doubt the United States audiences, already starved for quality science fiction films the past several years, will find this foreign film a breath of fresh air from the horror remakes and seemingly endless supply of Marvel films that dominate theater screens.So far, the critical reception of the Monolith movie has been largely positive. The movie has a solid 86 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, with a respectable score of 62 percent from audiences.

The Interviewer

The Monolith movie centers around a character referred to only as the Interviewer, as she tries to revive a once-successful career as a journalist. From her parents’ basement, she begins to develop and produce a podcast that focuses on unsolved mysteries and crimes. To generate listenership, she opens up the format so that her audience members can call in and reveal their strange experiences.

The Perfect Blend Of Sci-Fi And Horror

After several listeners reveal the presence of a mysterious black brick in their lives, viewers are introduced to a German art collector who has amassed quite a collection of these black bricks, including one that the interviewer has an eerie connection with. The Monolith movie digs deeper as the Interviewer’s mental health seems to decline over the course of the film, providing a mechanism to thrill audiences with gripping psychological horror.

Where To Watch Monolith

The Monolith film stars Lily Sullivan as the interviewer, one of the only characters to be seen on screen. The others, co-stars Ling Cooper Tang, Ansuya Nathan, Erik Thomson, and Terence Crawford, lend their voices as the various characters the Interviewer hosts on the podcast. You can rent the film on-demand via Apple TV+.