Sci-Fi Classic Novel Finally Gets Series Adaptation

By Matthew Flynn | Published

MGM+, formerly Epix, is adding to its stable of originals by adapting one of the most highly regarded science fiction novels of all time, Earth Abides, into a miniseries. MGM+ may not have the same name recognition as other streaming services, and its most successful original is Pennyworth, the origin series of Batman’s butler, but all it takes is one breakout. The acclaimed sci-fi adaptation might be all it needs.

A Post-Apocalypse Classic

Earth Abides was originally a post-apocalyptic novel published in 1949 and written by George R. Stewart. The central character is Isherwood Williams, who finds that a devastating disease has caused the collapse of civilization after emerging from seclusion in the mountains. In the course of his cross-country trip, Ish meets other survivors, and the altered world becomes apparent to him. This novel investigates concepts like population control, the consequences of a shrinking population, and the biblical principle of repopulating the Earth.

A Study Of The Human Spirit

ai apocalypse

The significance of Earth Abides has been recognized internationally; it received the first International Fantasy Award in 1951. Locus Magazine has included it among the top science fiction novels ever written. The Prometheus Hall of Fame also nominated it for induction. The ecological themes of the novel and its examination of the human condition in a post-apocalyptic world have received appreciation.

Influenced Stephen King

Stephen King favorite book

Earth Abides has a well-established place within literary circles and has influenced numerous other works, some of which have garnered considerable attention in their own right. Most notably, author Stephen King has spoken publicly about the influence of Earth Abides on his own writing. In particular, King has pointed to Earth Abides as one of the inspirations for his popular novel The Stand.

In the world of music, Earth Abides has also left its mark. Jimi Hendrix cited it as his favorite book and said it served as inspiration for his classic song, “Third Stone from the Sun.”

The Author’s Love Of Maps

lost continent

In addition to writing Earth Abides, George R. Stewart was also a renowned American historian, toponymist, and novelist. He served as an English professor at the University of California, Berkeley. His extensive writing on place names in the United States provided unique insights into the interaction between people and their physical and social environments. His other notable works include Pickett’s Charge, a crucial text for understanding the Battle of Gettysburg, and Storm, a novel that inspired the famous song “They Call the Wind Maria” featured in the musical Paint Your Wagon.

From The Writer Of Sully

tom hanks

The forthcoming adaptation of Earth Abides is a limited series being brought to life under the creative guidance of Todd Komarnicki, who is serving as both creator and showrunner. Komarnicki has a wide range of experience including writing the well-received Tom Hanks vehicle, Sully, and the adaptation of Anita Shreeve’s novel Resistance.

Alexander Ludwig Set To Star

Alexander Ludwig is set to star in this adaptation of Earth Abides, bringing experience acting in dystopian landscapes. Known globally for his role in the post-apocalyptic film, The Hunger Games (2012), his portrayal of the character Cato earned him widespread recognition. Aside from The Hunger Games, Ludwig has also demonstrated his versatility by appearing in films such as Race to Witch Mountain and Lone Survivor, and was a mainstay in the hit series Vikings.

The series plans to consist of six episodes and is set to start production on April 8 in Vancouver. With production set to begin soon, viewers can look forward to the release of this limited series on MGM+ in the near future.