Ryan Reynolds Pairing Up As Deadpool With Another Marvel Superhero?

We may soon see Ryan Reynolds appear with an unexpected hero.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Ryan Reynolds is definitely bringing his Deadpool character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, a new rumor indicates he may do so on its streaming empire before his next big-screen debut. 

Comic book fans may not be surprised to hear that a rumor from WeGotThisCovered indicates that the Merc with a Mouth may show up in the upcoming Disney+ TV series She-Hulk. She-Hulk, which is expected to Disney+ TV screens in 2022 will come long before Deadpool 3, which isn’t expected to even begin shooting until long after that. However, the outlet reports that Ryan Reynolds may show up for at least a cameo in that series as a way to make it so that half a decade doesn’t go by without more content from Deadpool. His presence in the show would also help in passing the torch of his meta-commentary gimmick onto Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters. 

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For those unfamiliar, the comic books see Walters as the cousin of Bruce Banner, better known as The Hulk. When she receives a blood transfusion from him, she gains some of the powers of the Hulk herself. As a result, she fights crime as an attorney for superheroes by day and smashes criminals the legal system fails to scoop up by night. In the Marvel comics, she’s known for breaking the fourth wall and referencing the fact that she’s a comics character. While that may sound like a ripoff of Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson, it’s worth noting that She-Hulk started doing it on the page nearly a decade before Deadpool did in 1997.

It would make sense for Ryan Reynolds to show up in She-Hulk as a similar character who can break the fourth wall. It would give Deadpool some exposure going into his third movie and help set the comedic tone that She-Hulk is reportedly trying to capture as a standalone series. It’s not like the A-List actor wouldn’t be down for a popular TV role either. Ryan Reynolds has proven time and again that he’s willing to don the red Deadpool costume any chance he gets. He’s also made it clear how excited he is to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now that head honcho Kevin Feige has confirmed that his character will indeed be allowed to keep his R-rating.

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Most recently, Ryan Reynolds teamed up with Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi in character as Korg for a brief teaser video in which they both watch the trailer for their new film Free Guy. While it was just a bit of smart cross-promotion for the film, it was also heralded as Deadpool’s first official entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

It would make sense for Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Feige to try and get Deadpool into the Marvel mix as soon as possible before audiences move on from his enduring popularity. As Marvel continues to enter into some multiversal madness in its fourth phase, perhaps there’s room for the lighter, more comedically violent tone that Deadpool brings to the table. Perhaps She-Hulk is the best place to showcase that ahead of his very own movie within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.