Ryan Reynolds And Netflix Just Started An Amazing Project

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

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Good guy Ryan Reynolds seems to always make headlines for consistently doing the right thing. The man is not only a beloved actor, but there are plenty of stories where the Merc with the Mouth is known to be a philanthropist. The same goes for his wife, Blake Lively. Now the pair are teaming up with Netflix to do something quite important. Reynolds and Lively have a company called Group Effort Initiative, which helps those who are in underrepresented communities. Their company is partnering with Netflix to ensure more production jobs are presented to those in these unrepresented communities.

This new program will help those in the United States and Canada who are passionate about staking their claim in the television and film industry. The program will allow GED recipients to apply for jobs on several productions that are put on by Netflix. This is fantastic. The program will offer on-set production training and handle placement. These jobs will be entry-level in nature, but it still provides for those who may be passed over due to their educational background. According to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, “[Group Effort Initiative] growth has exceeded our wildest expectations and it could not have succeeded as it has without the unwavering support of Netflix. What started on ‘The Adam Project’ will now expand to many more Netflix productions. We thank Scott Stuber and the entire team for their commitment to inclusion. We won’t let you down.”

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It appears as if Netflix worked with Ryan Reynolds company on The Adam Project, which is a fantastic film that is chock full of heart. The success of that film could be a big reason why Netflix has seen fit to continue its partnership with the Group Effort Initiative. The GEI was launched in 2020, through Reynolds and Lively’s other companies, Maximum Effort and B for Effort. The first group of trainees from GEI were able to work as production assistants on The Adam Project. They filled in departments that include the camera, construction, costume, makeup, production design, and production office. Based on the success of these trainees, GEI will now be able to expand the projects for which their training will be brought on. This includes White Noise, You People, and Leave the World Behind. All three of these pictures feature heavy-hitting actors like Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julia Roberts, and Mahershala Ali. This is clearly a massive opportunity for these trainees to get their start in the world of filmmaking and beyond.

Group Effort Initiative and Netflix have already begun staffing trainees throughout the Los Angeles and Long Island areas, and it seems that going forward, they will be part of every production that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are a part of. This power couple is truly powerful, in that they are always watching out for those whose voices aren’t as loud. With the world turning a new leaf for inclusion, it looks as if celebrity figures are truly doing their part to help. Hopefully, this means that more trainees will get the experience they need to truly make a career in filmmaking. As of right now, Reynolds is working on a Christmas movie called Spirited. He will star in this film alongside Will Ferrell, and it is likely to be another picture in which GEI provides trainees.