Resident Evil Live-Action Series Reveals New Story Ties To Original Villain

By Nathan Kamal | 2 months ago

resident evil

The new Resident Evil live-action series is ramping up for its summer premiere, and we are finally getting a few more tidbits of information. The latest adaption of the long-running video game series is being developed by streaming giant Netflix as part of their ever-growing (and often quickly canceled) slate of original content, and they have just released some new images for the show. Namely, Netflix has released the new logo they are using for the show, and a series of posters that indicate that in this new incarnation of the zombie horror series, The Umbrella Corporation is still around and up to their old tricks. Check out the logo: 

Resident Evil

Well, that is certainly some Resident Evil imagery, alright. From the vivid yellow background that definitely gives of vibes of biohazard suit material to the disquietingly organic-looking bubble structure in the center, this is the kind of meddling with the forces of genetics with unforeseen consequences that we have come to expect from the series. Of course, the blood smeared across it all is a pretty good indicator that there is going to be no shortage of gore in the Netflix series It is a detail in one of the posters that has really gotten people worked up, though. Near the bottom of the poster, sitting in a pool of vividly red blood, a pill capsule is labeled JOY, which probably should not be taken at face value in this grimly dystopian world. Even more excitingly, you can see the letters “ELLA CORP” in faint gray letters, which can only be taken to mean that The Umbrella Corporation is still around in this timeline and has not learned a thing from the zombie apocalypse they helped bring about. See it here:

Resident Evil

The Netflix Resident Evil live-action show is described as being set in 2036. Although the timeline has shifted around quite a bit in the various installments of the original game franchise (which are currently being upgraded to the delight of fans), the first game had its genetic-zombie apocalypse occurring in 1998. We can infer that this is a world that has been battling zombies for quite a while. The series will introduce Jade Wesker, the daughter of longtime game character Albert Wesker (to be played by Lance Reddick, ie, Charon from the John Wick franchise). Reportedly, it will also involve Billie Wesker, who did appear in the games as Albert’s daughter and an Umbrella Corporation test subject. It seems the Resident Evil series will jump between timelines of the sisters together as youths or children, and a grown Jade alone. Given the world this is set in, we can guess something horrible happened to her. 

The live-action Resident Evil series is Netflix’s second addition to the franchise, after the animated Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness in 2021. There have, of course, been many, many installments of film adaptations of Resident Evil; many of those starred Milla Jovovich and while never critically well-regarded, have gone on to cult fame and appreciation for their extreme stylization. A reboot film, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, was also released in 2021. The Netflix Resident Evil show is scheduled to be released July 14.